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Edited July 1, 2012






Innocent Black Man released in Greensboro, NC after 17 years in prison, framed by Greensboro Police and Guilford DA

Atlanta Cops wrongfully arrest another innocent black woman leaving her homelesss and jobless (See below)


New York City spied on innocent Muslums


Granby CT Police Captain guilty of possessing 233,000 child pornographic images (Page 2)


FBI arrests four East Haven Connecticut cops for targeting Latino citizens. (Page 2)


Father and Son Officer Team in Windsor Locks, CT fired after arrest by Connecticut State Police for alleged drunk driving, causing fatal accident of teenage boy riding his bike, tampering with evidence and the investigation.

 (see page 4)



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As a former officer, I am disgusted at what I have seen during years of service.. This is my early retirement project which I dedicate to the honest officers everywhere. This page was written after the mistreatment given me by former Officer Robert Koistinen of The Windsor Locks Police and Bloomfield Police, in Connecticut. .  They really tarnished the badge.




This project uses a variety of sources. Often a story in the media will stimulate an inquiry. We have contact with a number of people on both sides of the fence, and can speak with local people throughout the USA, as a minister, in total confidence. We also use other organizations such as The Innocence Project, a site you should check out to just how much of a problem false arrest, false imprisonment and rogue cops really are. Check them out at


Most of the police we meet are just like the rest of us. A growing number are not! Many want to get home in one piece and not deal with trouble. They are decent human beings who will try hard to do an honest job for everyone they deal with. They are the front line soldiers in the war against crime. They are there to protect the honest guy. They are honest, educated and out numbered, needing the support of the honest citizen. Their thankless job is to protect us against those who do evil. They have likewise been hampered by the actions of corrupt police. Too many have forgotten the concept of discretion, morals, ethics and upholding the law! It is encouraging to see the reform movement taking root in the USA that is holding more bad cops accountable for their abuse of authority. Many decent cops really working hard and upholding professional standards, which makes the bad ones stand out like sore thumbs. Lets support and back up the good ones. I hope that you will too. Because of the effects of corrupt cops, many good ones are leaving for other types of work, making the positions ever harder to fill.


The best first line of defense is to be honest. If someone is out there driving while under the influence of drugs, having illegal drugs in their possession or are stealing, they are assaulting the rights of their fellow citizen. They deserve to get caught and punished. This kind of person is wrecking society for everyone.


Like any occupation there are a certain number of individuals who are misfits, and do irreparable harm to any profession they enter. They are the bottom 5% of the work force. I well remember from my own early days when I started as a reserve police officer, being told that anyone in law enforcement must have absolute integrity as a pre-requisite. I observed first hand how a few cops start out bad, while some unfortunately turn bad. The level of violence, social isolation, temptations from exposure to large amounts of cash and drugs, and other factors can all serve to ruin a good cop. The end result is the same; the individual becomes a greater danger to society than most criminals; a predator.


The difference being one gets a uniform, complete with a gun and taxpayer supported license to kill. The bad cop becomes a dangerous predator. Recent cases of Chicago police officers are a sad reminder. The disease has spread to the federal level as witnessed by the recent FBI cases in Ruby Ridge, not to mention the destruction of the reputation of Mr. Richard Jewel in Atlanta. We also had the BATF raid in Waco.


We need one law and standard for all people, and that includes all law enforcement officers from all local, state and federal levels. Rogue cops lower themselves, their fellow officers and their departments to the level of the criminal. Rogue cops, lawyers and judges bring contempt, ridicule, disrespect and worse upon everyone associated with the criminal justice system. Juries now take into account these issues.


The experiences of many as a victims of police abuse indicates it has become necessary to pass along some survival tips to deal with the bad cops, as you really don't know what you are dealing with most of the time. The bad cops have cast warranted suspicion on all cops. This means federal, state and local law enforcement. Citizen rights come first. The government is not meant to be a terror to the innocent, only the guilty. That is the U.S. Constitution in action. Bad cops overstep the bounds of legitimate authority, and are criminals.


We have received a lot of messages requesting personal advice for individual situations. Since resources do not allow us to operate a legal clinic, we have included a link to The National Complaint Center at the bottom of this site. Thank you in advance for your understanding.


When stopped or you encounter a police officer, be polite and civil. Ask what the problem is. You don't want to batter a good cop! By avoiding adversarial relationships further problems are avoided before needless issues are raised. If you are adversarial with a bad cop you might end up in the hospital, charged with resisting arrest, if you live! Be careful


 As bad cops are control freaks and will use even an accidental “bumping up against” you as an excuse to charge you with assault on a police officer and resisting arrest, as well as justification for the use of force. Be careful and keep your hands in view at all times, telling the cop you are going to reach into your pockets for your license, as you might risk getting shot. Avoid any sudden moves with your hands for the same reason and remain calm, as being agitated will cause some cops to arrest you for interfering or worse. Be cool and careful! The life s you save may be your own!





Some states still allow cops to start working without any significant training! There are untrained cops working in Mississippi, Illinois, Indiana and in thirty states in general. Newly hired cops can work for as long as six months in most cases and up to two years in some cases without training. They are often not properly supervised by a full fledged officer as required either. The risks and liability are very high. Some states such as Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Vermont and Wyoming require training before an officer is sworn in.


The results of poorly trained cops can be tragic. A rookie cop in Illinois kills a driver during a car chase. A new campus cop in Indiana shot an unarmed student to death. A Mississippi cop held a gun to the head of an unarmed teenager and uses a choke hold.


The practice is all too common with exact numbers unknown. Be careful when you deal with a cop as that person might not be trained or capable of properly performing the duties of the position. Barney Fife is alive and well.




Tasers are increasingly being used by bad cops to intimidate citizens into obeying orders, even if those orders are illegal. On top of this, the number of fatalities from Taser use is growing at an alarming rate. In January 2008 the latest death in Fayetteville came after a man told Fayetteville Police he was overdosing on crack. He was difficult to restrain so the cops used the taser. He died shortly afterwards. This is one of too many cases. The Taser is supposed to be a safe alternative to higher levels of force for people using force against others, but carries an unacceptable high risk of death or serious injury. This tool needs to be removed from the cops. A recent Chicago study published in January 2008 points to long term cardiac effects including death even months later. It appears the manufacturer’s claims of safety might not be as accurate as first thought. Some cops think they can use this weapon with impunity, but might in fact kill just as effectively as with a gun.


One cop on the Winston-Salem Police Department brags about how anyone who “doesn’t do what I tell them gets tasered.”  I have heard this from fellow NYPD officers too.




One judge in Chicago told a friend that if you :ever find a dead body or something, walk away and don’t get involved.” Calling the cops makes you a suspect, and at high risk to be wrongfully arrested. Read on, this is no joke!




In recent years many lawsuits have been leveled against bad cops and departments in reply to false arrests, beatings and false imprisonment. This has created an increasing climate of fear among many intelligent cops about making any kind of bad arrest, or even writing a bad ticket. This works to your benefit if you have witnesses who will protect you, and you have the guts to file any kind of complaint with the FBI or State Attorney General. It gets even better if you can record the events. In fact the crisis is so bad in Chicago Commissioner Jody Weiss, retired FBI agent, chided his cops about the very low arrest rates after many innocent people walked out of Illinois prisons, cleared after false arrest and imprisonment. Chicago cops have been running scared of being set up themselves, and are worried about getting the same medicine they have handed out for decades.


It might do some good to tell a cop that you are going to sue him. Look the cop straight in the eye and mean it. Tell him he will provide a nice pension to retire on. Tell him you are charging him with unlawful restraint and kidnapping, assault and battery, etc. Then follow it up with legal aid or an attorney. Make sure you have proof and protect yourself as some cops are so bad now that the only defense is a good offense.


Often they will really back down. You might not have anything to lose. The bad cops won’t listen in any case.




It is the duty of the District Attorney or States Attorney to protect the innocent. They are supposed to ride herd on the cops who step out of line. But most are ambitious politicians seeking advancement and are buddies with the cops. They look good when they put anyone in jail or prison. Witness what happened with DA Michael Nifong in Durham County, North Carolina. You will be told you must meet with the DA who will try to intimidate you into a plea bargain, as most are lazy slugs not wanting to do real legal work, much like too many defense lawyers. If you are innocent don’t accept a dismissal, nolle, prayer for judgment continued, or trial by judge. Get a jury. Get your lawyer in there and watch to make sure no easy shortcuts are taken!


DA’s are famous for sitting on appeals to, in order to cover the mistakes of cops and court officials. The DA in Forsyth County let Darryl Hunt sit prison for years, knowing about Mr. Hunt’s innocence. Certain people were being protected.


Don’t ever talk to the DA yourself, Get your attorney to talk to them and protect yourself as the cop has set you up with the DA.




Many cops are using steroids “to win fights with the bad guys,” according to a recent release on Not only is it illegal drug use, but it is dangerous for the general public. Few departments currently test for the drug, but that is changing  as denial is no longer an option. People on steroids are more prone to trigger violent incidents or react in a violent fashion, versus someone who is sober. It can cause outbursts of excessive force, poor judgment and long-term health problems.




The FBI has validated that many field drug test kits are giving false positive results, causing many innocent people to spend months in jail because chocolate and other innocent items test positive. There is no regulation of these kits, and the FBI stated “the potential for civil rights violations when these presumptive tests are out there is phenomenal.  Organic and natural foods and medicines will often trigger positive. Be careful when crossing customs or going to the airport as some cops are still making false arrests even though experts advise that a complete investigation is required to make a correct determination of real drugs versus legal substances.




Too many cops now are profiling people that can’t fight back and filing legal papers to seize cars, cash, jewelry, computers and more under the pretense of seizing “assets from the crime.” They will offer a deal where the property is signed over, or go to jail for a long time. The problem is that most of these seizures are innocent people, often of color. It gets worse when the local cops work with the feds to get around more protective state laws. If someone attempts to defend their property, they open up huge liability where the corrupt cop will really falsify reports and evidence, and then risk going to prison on a double hit. The property can be seized at the lower level of requirements for a civil case instead of “beyond a reasonable doubt.”  Even the private security guard services are in on the act, taking a cut of the action. If your property is seized, get a lawyer involved, as this is a game to pay cops salaries with shrinking tax revenues and budgets.



If driving, provide your drivers license, registration and insurance card in a motor vehicle stop. Your ID is no longer your private right under some conditions, as cops have gotten laws passed in some states that allow them to check the ID's of innocent passengers, often used abusively by some departments. Openly state several; times “I don’t consent to any search of this vehicle or myself,” if they attempt to search.  State you are being detained against your will as well. Make sure witnesses hear you say these things. The officer must have your permission to check your ID in many cases unless you are being arrested or ticketed. Once the police get your ID they can and will run a warrant check. If an error in the computer system brings up a warrant or ticket expect to be arrested. If you are walking down the street you might decide to give your name to the officer, but don’t volunteer anything else.


Ask what the problem is. The officer must truthfully state the reason for the stop. A failure to do so is a violation of the rights of everyone in the involved, and can constitute possible grounds for a claim of false arrest, as well as criminal charges of unlawful restraint and kidnapping. You may be asked to step out of the vehicle, searched and cuffed only if the officer has legitimate grounds, not because of some fabrication. Some corrupt officers plant drugs and other "evidence" during this time, steal your valuables and destroy your driver’s license, so be aware of these possibilities.


If the cop insists on a search hand him the keys and repeat that the detention and search are without your consent. This will cause much evidence to be thrown out in court in many cases. The cop can’t search your pockets unless they have truthful cause to suspect a weapon. Even a pat down search can open a cop up to charges. Never consent to a search but state openly “This search is without my consent.” The cop can’t hold you to wear you down to force “consent.” Make note of this and charge false arrest. Stop and Frisk is often abused by bad cops, falsifying “reasonable suspicion.” Many false arrests are cooked up this way.


Abuse of minorities remains common with corrupt officers, although much improved compared to just a decade ago. Your vehicle can only be searched with your permission unless a legitimate arrest is being made, actual probable cause exists, or legitimate evidence of illegal activity is in plain sight. Any illegal search can make the officer liable under state and federal laws for serious legal action. Any evidence is most likely inadmissible in court as well. Consult an attorney right away if you, or your vehicle searched, or your ID checked under any unusual circumstances.


As of 1 October 1999, racial profile stops are illegal in Connecticut. North Carolina has a similar law on the books. If you are stopped, and this law was violated, the officer can be arrested. Have the cop arrested.


Your best defense is to have witnesses with you in case a "plant" is attempted. You do not have to tell the officer your private business for being out in any public area. That is your legal right. The most you should tell any officer is the fact you were on your way to the pharmacy or the like, if you choose. Beyond that silence is golden. The officers might attempt to separate your party to get someone to talk. Again silence is golden. Don't give a crooked cop a break. The cop must prove himself to you to gain your cooperation. In this regard you are in command, not the cop. The cop is under limits of authority; compel the officer to earn your trust and obey the law.


Be advised that many officers now have cameras installed in their cars, which record on videotape, complete with sound. Don't try to get cute! If you play your cards right, the tape can serve as your evidence against a crooked cop.

Since the motor vehicle stop is full of high risk for injury to the officer, never use force or threats, even if you are right and the cop is clearly abusive! This will most likely place you at high risk to be shot or serious injured, or falsely arrested! The use of fatal force against a police officer is legal for excessive force or false arrest, but you must be able to prove it. It is generally ill advised, unless the cop is intent on killing you at which point you have nothing left to loose. There has been an increase of police use of unwarranted fatal force with obvious lack of action against bad cops, in recent years here in the USA. Bad cops cover for each other, so stay alive to testify. The wrongful touching or misuse of force is a crime for which you can later prosecute. There is nothing a cop fears more than criminal or civil litigation. In the long run it is your best defense, although slow. If filed correctly, the career of the bad cop is in extreme jeopardy!


A recent practice has emerged by Enfield  Connecticut Police for accident investigation. The cops hands each driver and passenger a clipboard demanding a written statement about the accident. Don’t do it! They have no authority to do this and may be ordered to stop. They must obey. Get your lawyer involved first.





A stinging article in The Philadelphia Inquirer dated 13 August 2006 revealed the case of one serial rapist who spent his night shift hunting for sex. Former officer and now inmate James Fallon was accused of a string of sexual assaults in Philadelphia, along with his partner Timothy Carre. For a long time multiple complaints went unheeded, as these cops preyed on females who were intoxicated, had drug habits, employed as strippers and prostitutes. These men would touch private areas of women’s bodies during “frisk searches”, force women to expose their breasts and more. If a civilian male were to go out and act in this fashion, an immediate arrest would result, but not in the good ole boy network! It is estimated hundreds of cops use their badge to get sex! This is a nationwide scandal in the USA. Women beware of any cop!


This is a nationwide problem with Philadelphia being a molecule in the tip of the iceberg. Norristown PA had officer Claude Lacombe convicted of rape, as did The Pennsylvania State Police, with former trooper and inmate Michael K Evans. Only at that point did the state police start to take complaints seriously. Eugene Oregon had two serial rapists on it’s police force, Roger Magana and Juan Lara. Other cases such as San Bernadino, CA and Baltimore are on record too.


For years complaints have been ignored as cops carefully pick victims they can discredit. In my town of Enfield, CT, one cop has a street reputation of sexual activity with teenaged prostitutes, yet nothing is done about it. My revelation of this fact has angered certain local cops against me. The truth really hurts.


I have several suggestions for victims. Do not go to internal affairs or the law enforcement agency involved! Go to the emergency room of a hospital not in that jurisdiction for a sexual assault examination. Do not delay as to preserve evidence. Do not allow any officer from the offending department to talk to you or go near you! They must have your permission to talk to you or enter the case so you can protect yourself against the rapist cop’s pals to preserve your case! You are in command in giving orders the cop must obey.


 Call another reputable agency such as the state police or FBI. Call the news media right away too to prevent Officer Sherwin Williams from bringing in the whitewash to cover the earth. Get a private attorney right away too. Go all the way with your case and expect many more victims to emerge once the press gets the story out! Get counseling for sexual assault from a reputable source. Then sue the bastards, the town etc.





The FBI released a report in May 2007 that proves people of color get pulled over, arrested, searched and are the subjects of force twice as often as whites. Thus even driving at zero miles per hour is dangerous. Be prepared to pull over for prejudice. It’s happening in many places.




Before you help a cop in an emergency bear in mind what happened to an innocent nurse who pulled a Chicago cop out of his burning car after a serious accident. Nurse Rachelle Jackson saved the life of Officer Kelly Brogan only to be taken to the station house and held for two days with little food and water, until she signed a “confession” prepared by the cops over the cops missing gun. She spent ten months in jail before the charges were dismissed. A federal jury awarded her $7.7 million in June 2008, and the city plans to appeal the award as excessive.


This might sound inhumane and cruel but given the current automaton culture of rogue cops, you might not want to help any cop at all. Let the cop get help from other cops. Yes, you might get arrested for trying to save the life of a cop shot or hurt in an accident. We have some sorry cops out there and they bring this down on themselves for their stupidity and thick-headedness. Sorry cops, but if you get hurt around me, some intelligent people most likely will not stop to help as dumb cops are not limited to Chicago.


You can’t be sued or arrested if you don’t stop to help; it’s the safer road.



Your property is your castle. The police can only enter without your permission with a valid arrest warrant, valid search warrant, or in certain emergencies such as hot pursuit with legitimate probable cause. Otherwise the police are trespassers. If the cops enter your property for any reason, call your lawyer. File for the arrest of the violators. Don't give permission for anything. Some cops will try to pressure you telling you subtle things that make you think you are a "prime suspect," and ask you to sign a "waiver" for permission to search. Once you have signed they will then tell you the technical warning you have the right to "refuse." Just don't sign anything without a lawyer present.


There is a growing problem of the abuse of arrest warrants. Under the law if a cop has a valid reason to believe a person wanted on a legitimate warrant is on a property, they can enter to arrest that person named in the warrant. What is happening due to the new emphasis by John Ashcroft in “preventing crime” is the erosion of civil rights by slow and subtle means. Bad cops are making up any reason at all to get into a house or building to circumvent the constitutional safeguards that protect citizens. Rogue cops are now using arrest warrants to “go fishing” and “toss” a place, entering with drawn guns. The practice is such that any friend or relative might get raided such as what I hear happening in Miami Beach and Dade County. These rogue cops will threaten families with all sorts of legal action if they fail to provide certain information the police demand. Often they refuse to let anyone see the warrant, which is illegal. They will often conduct illegal searches well beyond the warrant they claim to have, and arrest anyone for anything “incidentally found.” Remember, you don’t have to talk, and can sue for abuses of your rights! These kind of cops will often pick on minority poor people with little education knowing it’s hard to fight back. If this happens call The American Civil Liberties Union!


If a cop comes to your door step outside and lock the door behind you. Don’t let a cop in as this can leave you open to having your house searched without your consent. Openly state, “I do not consent to you entering or searching my house,” with witnesses present. If they are going to arrest you step outside, as the police generally can’t search any area you have not been in.  If the cops order you to open the door comply while stating the entry and search is without your consent.


If they claim to have a search warrant demand to see it. Make sure they have the correct name, date of birth, address, apartment number and name. Check the date of the warrant as most states only allow the warrant to be served within a few weeks, Mistakes in hitting the wrong house, apartment or individual are common enough to warrant special mention. If any of the identification data is wrong order them to leave at once. If they delay or refuse, perform a citizen arrest on the spot for home invasion, kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, groping etc.


Another problem is the almost daily practice of cops looking up names in the computer to identify a suspect, getting the wrong name and a legal warrant to arrest an innocent person. Then someone gets booked, fingerprinted, photographed and assigned a permanent federal violator number that never goes away, leaving them in jail sometimes for months and years. That violator number then gets them pulled in later for “questioning” or another false arrest. Some lawsuits are starting to challenge this abusive practice on the basis of the fourth amendment; lack of probable cause. Sue if you can as cops and Das are running scared, especially if you demand a jury trial. Never accept a dismissal, nolle or bench trial, get a lawyer. A dismissal will only get you put in jail the next time as the person now has a “record.”


The Connecticut State Supreme Court just ruled that citizens can’t generally resist or use force against police who enter illegally or are acting illegally. The evidence of resisting illegal police activity can now be admitted into court against you. This means the bad cops are almost not accountable and can lock you up legally after provoking you, even though they act illegally. If you are in this position decide for yourself if your life is in danger and you must protect yourself. You can always make a citizens arrest of the officer for assault and battery with a deadly weapon, and the officer must submit to being arrested. The failure to do so is obstruction of justice. Also get a physical examination in a hospital right away, and get pictures of any bruises, etc. The cops can also be sued for the illegal entry, etc so get a lawyer. Several other states have passed laws of this kind in the “Post 911 Police State mentality,” taking away legitimate rights of self defense against bad police so be careful! Only a bad cop will push things this far, but many love this new shortcut to circumvent real police work, so file charges if they do. Don’t let them get away with this. Get your witnesses to tell the truth and stop this new form of abuse.


An increasing number of abusive police criminals are entering private property without consent by falsifying "probable cause." For example there have been telephone switch errors in the High Point and Greensboro North Carolina area, resulting in spurious 911 calls. The Guilford County Sheriff and other police agencies have made it policy to require the house be searched, even if the owner or occupants object. Legal action can and should be taken including the arrest of the police involved.


It is your right in Connecticut to refuse entrance to Department of Family Services investigators when they knock on your door, and to have your attorney present for all interviews. There have been some recent horror stories from the abuse by overzealous and intimidating DCF investigators who were aggressive outside of the boundaries of the law. Only if DCF has valid reason to prove that a child is in immediate danger can they enter and take a child without a court order.  This has become such a problem that one victim has set up a site for parents rights at:



In spite of court rulings the drawing of any deadly weapon is prohibited in all but legitimate emergencies. If you have a weapon pulled on you consult an attorney to file assault with deadly weapons charges. Don't invite disaster as any cop is under tremendous stress and might use the weapon in error. You might be right, but dead. A bad cop will have others "cover up" as well Be very careful as there is an alarming number of fatal shootings by rogue officers in places including our nations capitol. Many are unarmed, innocent citizens, and the damage lawsuits are growing, along with the awards and settlements.


The recent unjustified killing of a 18 year old black man by Hartford Police shows just how trigger happy some dysfunctional cops can be. (See Hartford Police below.)  Some cops will shoot to kill just for failing to obey their “commands.”


Even if you do everything legally, police might still murder you, such as recently happened in Hartford and New Milford CT, or New York City. Some cops are out of control or psychologically unstable so be careful. They lie claiming they thought their lives were in danger, and get away with it. That is business as usual.



Cops are systematically trained to lie and withhold information, as a part of standard interrogation techniques. The only thing they can’t do is represent themselves as lawyers. The lawyers didn’t like that so they passed a law to protect their territory. They can show up on a fire truck,, as well as impersonating anyone they think will get them the goods. They will tell you that they are only looking for information; you are not a suspect. Innocent people are increasingly spending time in jail after trying to help the cops. It might not be such a hot idea to help a cop. Button up and get a lawyer.


It is always your right to demand the identification of any officer. There has been a real problem with police impersonators such as blue light rapists! You should only stop for a marked unit and uniformed officer. If any doubt exists, especially for women at night use your cellular phone to call the real police and call for help. Go to a known police station, even if in another town. An honest cop will understand. No charges may legally filed if you exercise this right. Take note of the driving habits the cop practices to press charges against the cops for any reckless driving while going to a police station. Consult an attorney. Call someone on the cellular phone before opening up for police as well.


Because of the increasing incidents of police abuse you are well advised to avoid casual conversation with any law enforcement officer in many areas. Ask the cop if you are free to leave, and walk away. If the cop says no, tell the cop you wish to have a lawyer present and any search or detention is without your consent. Say this several times so witnesses can hear you. Walk away if you are not being detained and keep going. Teach your children that the cops are not always their friends, and the cop must contact the parent for permission to ask questions.


In the case of plain clothes officers demand their identification. Wait until uniformed police arrive if you can. Never open up your car to anyone unless you are sure they are real cops. Copy down the name and badge number of any cop you encounter. If in doubt, call the agency or state police to verify their status. Again an honest cop will understand and comply. They are just as concerned with police impersonators as you are, if not more so.


Talking to the police is your decision, not their right. The police must respect request your permission and respect your decision on this matter and are forbidden by law to coerce you. Again silence is golden if you even suspect there is the possibility you are a suspect. Get a lawyer and keep quiet. Again, an honest cop will understand and respect your rights. Be polite, civil, and silent! Bad cops will use all sorts of tricks so it is best to have a lawyer if you can get one! Remember, it is now LEGAL for cops to lie and use deceit, which is a moral fashion statement on the sad state of police ethics, too often an oxymoron. Too many cops will lie and try to put people into a panic, just get people to talk. Silence is golden. Above all never lie to a cop, as they will use even an innocent lie to set up as “guilty.” Holyoke Police in Massachusetts did this to Wayne Healy years ago, and he is still serving time as an innocent man.


If you are calling for service as a crime victim exercise some caution as well. Some cops treat everyone including obvious innocent victims as suspects, attempting to force the innocent suspect to "prove themselves" to their satisfaction. You might find yourself falsely arrested and victimized twice. Witness the Bostik case in Philadelphia. Some criminals attempt to pass themselves off as "victims," lying to evade lawful arrest, hurting the honest citizen. Try to understand the position the good cop is in. At the same time you don't have to tolerate any police abuse, in which case you should file a complaint and get legal counsel. The cops are there to serve you so demand you be served and not harassed. Witnesses again are a big defense.

A case in Torrington, Connecticut resulted in a couple being wrongfully arrested on the basis of perjured testimony. As a result the couple was wrongly charged of attempting to sell their baby. The Connecticut State Department Of Child and Youth Services took their baby away, and was able to persuade a court to permanently take away their parental rights. Even after the court found both parents not guilty, the state refuses to return the child, fighting hearings lead by Chief State's Attorney Bailey. Had the Torrington Police Department done their job right the first time, a family tragedy could have been avoided. If you check the record, this department was under federal investigation some years ago long with Waterbury and New Britain Police Departments. This is not a new problem in Torrington.


If the police show up at your residence or place of business wanting to investigate a “hit and run” motor vehicle accident, do not allow them to view your car if possible. Call your lawyer and make arrangements that way, directing the cops to leave. This is another set up opportunity for a crooked cop. Much of what they need for information is available on the computer so this might even be an opportunity to “plant” evidence to frame you. 


If a detective approaches you be aware they "fish" to try to shake out whom they think is guilty. A common approach is to tell you "We know that....." to try to make you talk, when they really don't know anything. Some will try to move in on your physical space to make you uncomfortable. Order the offender to move away as this is a criminal offense known as assault. Unfortunately some detectives treat everyone like a suspect. They will move in on personal space and sometimes-even touch your body to display power. Since it is illegal for anyone to touch you like this, politely direct the offender to cease, as this is criminal assault by a police officer. Advise the officer/offender that you are filing charges of assault and battery. Be cool and calm, while considering if you wish to place the police violator under citizens arrest, your words to this effect require the criminal cop be cuffed, fingerprinted and more. Accept nothing less.


If you are detained for questioning under ANY circumstances, consider yourself a suspect! Cops are allowed to lie and coerce you in an attempt to break down a suspect to get them to talk. There are many bad cops who will lie stating they have all sorts of evidenced against you as a ploy to get you to talk. Another ploy is to get you to go through “hypothetical scenarios” where you would be the guilty party, asking you how you would have acted under those circumstances; they will use this as a “confession.” Some will feign “sympathy” towards a suspect to show them they “understand” why they would commit such a crime. Another trick is to try to get a person to “doubt” their own memory, suggesting they did commit the crime, and then push for a “confession.” A number of innocent people have had death row sentences overturned because of this unprofessional practice that is too common in law enforcement. Ask for a lawyer every time they talk to you! The bad cops will keep you up many hours without food, water, medicine, sleep or legal advice to “break” a suspect. Alaska and Minnesota now have laws that require all interrogations be videotaped so use this to your advantage. If you have been denied food, water, sleep, medicine, legal representation or are ill repeatedly say so as the tape will protect you. The use of taped interrogations is becoming more widespread now as multi-million dollar awards for wrongful convictions due to bad cops are becoming common. Again, refuse to answer any questions until your lawyer is there because many dirty cops use tricks to get their case on innocent people! Connecticut cops are well known for playing the game called “Lets Pretend.” They act like a person is not a suspect and badger what they want, and then arrest their victim. Since the person was supposed to be a suspect, the Miranda rights get sidestepped. Innocent people go to prison and have their lives destroyed by these kind of cops. If you are talking to a cop, you are a suspect! Clam up and get a lawyer.


A growing number of states are passing laws to require police electronically record all interrogations to protect against these kinds of abuses.


Many police officers are being trained to systematically sidestep the Miranda Warnings. For example they might talk with someone and then get around to telling the person they are being arrested or they came with a warrant. Just don’t talk and you have done what you can to protect yourself!


Have witnesses around. It is always essential to get an attorney involved. You might innocently say something that is misused by overzealous police and gets you in trouble. Politely and civilly explain you don't want to talk without consulting your attorney. A good cop will understand and comply as required by law. You don't have to explain why, or say any more.




Beware of police dogs as they are not foolproof! One Florida man spent 26 years in prison because a “perfect” wonder dog fraud identified him. These dogs can make mistakes! Challenge the use of any dog or “sniff evidence” with your lawyer. This dog was exposed as a fraud but the dog put over 50 people away for years, and when the dog was discovered by a judge to be a fraud, no cases were reviewed.




Boston Police have dreamed up a neat program they state will take guns and drugs off the street. They will be asking parents to “voluntarily” allow Boston Police to search the living quarters of children for weapons and drugs. Of course the cops will ask the parents to sign Consent Forms, without explaining the potential legal consequences of such a search. Once the cops come in anything they find will result in an arrest. This could mushroom to include siblings and parents, who just might be innocent. Add to that the history of cops “planting evidence” and you have a grand recipe for disaster. Legal experts published warnings in The Boston Globe about this abusive practice, “calling it an end run around the constitution.” Letting the cops in makes all “evidence” admissible in court and gives away protections the founding fathers put in the Bill of Rights for a very good reason. You are handing a signed, blank check to a potentially abusive cop. Plan on going to prison for a long time!


You are better off being a parent and doing your job by checking your kid’s space. If you find weapons or drugs, get rid of them yourself. Wear gloves while handling anything illegal! Wipe down a weapon with WD-40 oil to eliminate fingerprints, and seal it in a plastic bag, that you also handle with gloves. Then toss the gun into a sewer, river, large pond or lake, while not being seen. If you dare to turn the gun over to the cops, you might get falsely arrested such as happened with The Hartford Police. Drugs can be easily flushed down the toilet. Wash the wrappers and throw them away somewhere off your property. Always handle with gloves to eliminate fingerprints! Then put the stuff in another bag you can handle without gloves. Don’t leave the outer bag where you dump the stuff. If the cops stop you while you are getting rid of the stuff, thank them for being so available and tell them you found the stuff on the street and are taking it to a police station, then give it to them.


Then apply the proper discipline to your kid. If your kid is over 18, throw them out. They will only ruin you. Search their space again & again as well the rest of the house too.


Some police departments will beg you to turn in the guns to them. Some actually will take guns no questions asked. But why take the chance when some sewer worker or garbage worker can tell the cops what turned up at the sewage waste plant or recycling center? Remember that cops are trained to lie. Would you buy a used car from a cop, or former President Richard Nixon? (This was a poster after Nixon got caught!)




Beware of the “plastic cops,” also known as security guards, security officers, rent a cops etc. In Connecticut they are required to wear square badges to protect the public and identify them as not being cops. Just what is a guard? A guard is a private citizen acting as a watchman. A guard only observes and reports. Most guards have little or no training, such as first aid, CPR or emergency action procedures such as fire extinguishers, having no police powers of any kind. They only have the same power as the private property owner to limit access to property, and yes, a private property owner or guard can check ID Cards, deny access or inspect packages coming in. They have the same status as a private citizen in making a “citizens arrest.” Any citizen can make an arrest which must go to court. Yes you can arrest anyone this way, including a guard or cop.


Guard services often profile their staff with sharp looking uniforms, and give the illusion of authority and security. They project an image of confidence. Some even have patrol cars designed to look a lot like real police vehicles. But most of the time it’s all show and no go. The idea is we are protected because we have a “guard in the lobby.” It is really scary that Homeland Security is hiring this kind of person to protect our national assets. I know of one guard who was hired to be part of an “elite security team” after a few hours of classes. One day a man pulled up to his guard post at the gatehouse, and went through without stopping. This guard went nuts, picking up his volunteer EMS radio and calling the police on a general panic message. It turned out the man had misunderstood the guard, but the entire police force responded red lights and sirens. One guard I know shot a hole in the roof of his gatehouse while playing with his gun. I worked security while in college so I saw quite a bit of what I speak of. Some of these types even get hired as cops!


A large number of guards are unqualified candidates who flunked out (Thank God!) trying to get on a police force. A study some years ago in Connecticut indicated most guards were between jobs or unemployable in decent jobs. The guard companies often conduct minimal screening on their staff, with a significant number of guards going from job to job, often getting fired. They often lack the temperament, intelligence and the like to be the real deal. They often try to act like cops and bully people. The bad part is what they write in their reports can get you falsely arrested by the real cops and convicted even though you are innocent. You have no Miranda Rights while talking to a guard so be careful what you say as many are itching for some “action.” Keep a witness with you to protect yourself.  Some states are now even given “defacto police officer status” (Special Police) to these people, who most often do not know what they are doing, and hurt innocent people. There are no uniform training or conduct standards to hold security companies accountable for the felonies committed by overzealous “plastic cops.” There have been some huge damage awards for false arrests including shoplifting involving guards. Beware of fake titles such as Special Police, Special Deputy Sheriffs, Special Officers, Security Police, Public Safety etc who are not real cops. They are “lackees.”


Some guards try compensate for their lack of status by going to the local police and fire uniform supply shop. They become a best customer overnight and load their belts down with enough gear to take on Rambo. It’s all an act.


Even worse is the desire to arm some of these people with real guns, taser guns, pepper spray, nightsticks, handcuffs, shotguns, assault rifles and other gear. This can only spell trouble for everyone including the innocent citizen. It is bad enough that some real cops have these things. These guards are often sent out taking risks and working under conditions no real cop would tolerate, for minimum wage pay and no benefits. The security companies are busy out-bidding each other over pennies while employees are exploited. This trend has even gone as far as private corrections where private security company jail guards make half the pay. Guard services are economically marginal operations at best. Most guards are inexperienced and temporary at best. You get what you pay for, such as in June 2007, when two Vance Security Guards on contract to The Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC, got into a heated argument. One guard pulled his gun on the other guard, as a third guard tried to stop him from removing his gun from the holster. Ten shots later no one was hurt (there is a God in Heaven), but everyone was hiding behind anything they could. Metropolitan DC Police arrested this guard. We have more to worry about in the way of Homeland Security from our own security than from the terrorists.


When a guard handcuffs or arrests someone, the loss of freedom and stigma of false charges is the same as if a real cop did the foul deed. The one advantage is the ease of bringing lawsuits and criminal charges against security guards and agencies, as they lack the protection a real cop has. The client who hires the guard will often not back up the guard and feed him to the wolves.


The bottom line is not to talk to an abusive guard or submit to their “authority.” Walk away and keep walking off the property, then call the police to have the guard arrested if needed. You can and should make a citizens arrest yourself of the guard and beat them to the punch if they even act in any fashion that you fee threatens you. This can be even just harsh words or gestures. Don’t let a guard try to charge you first. Then sue the client and guard service. Beware as some bad cops are buddies with these security guards, both being on the same level.


In other countries security is well trained, well selected and well paid. In some countries they are a part of the federal military reserves. They have the authority and respect. In the USA they are often one big joke. Every guard force has one or two people who really do a good job and hold the place together, as they know what they are doing. Please don’t give them a hard time.





Now there is a growing problem with persons who impersonate law enforcement officers, often having “blue lights,” fake badges and guns as well as look alike cars similar to the kind used by real cops. If you are in doubt as to the authenticity of  someone trying to stop you, do not open your windows or doors. If you are really concerned do not stop, but call 911 on a cell phone and go to a real police station or toll booth! Take note of any reckless driving the offender does.  It is really easy to get fake reproductions of badges and patches so beware. Even the federal government even had 35 agencies discover a cache of 1300 fake badges in Russia! A real police agency will understand and get a marked police car with uniformed officers on your lawful demand.


There have been problems with “Blue Light Rapists” in North Carolina and around Philadelphia in past years. This is the real cops worst nightmare as citizens will not know who the real cops are. Some police officers have been shot this way. Be careful and demand an ID from, any officer. It’s your right.





There is a serious problem of police officers stealing property from citizens during traffic stops, home entry, detention and arrests. The predator cop will have other officers “witness” it never happened. Innocent citizens lose money out of their wallet, clothing, or their watch (New Orleans) while in the lock up. Have witnesses and give your personal valuables to a trusted friend or relative rather than risk what a bad cop will do. Another trick used by police departments is to just ignore a judge’s order to return property (New York City), or to have highly restrictive hours when the evidence room is open to reclaim property (Hartford CT Police). File charges of theft and use a citizens arrest if necessary as most cops cover for their own; this is one of the “benefits” of the job. As of November 2006 four Chicago cops are under indictment for using their badges to gain entry into homes and steal property. This happened a few years ago when the Philadelphia Police raided the massage parlors without warrants, seized property but made no arrests.




As recently as late 2006 people are still getting handcuffed and pulled off airplanes for engaging in evening Muslum prayers, act in theory protected by the U S Constitution. And this has all been made perfectly legal. A man wearing a T-Shirt in Arabic and English calling for peace in the middle east suffered likewise. If any overzealous citizen or airline staff think you are “weird” or resemble a “terrorist,” this is common practice and legalized by President Bush. Free speech and religious rights have been proscribed in contravention of our constitution. What next? Secret prisons without trial for citizens? Be careful and sue these cops if you are selected for this treatment in the name of “national security.” By the way, the airlines are really no safer in spite of the civil liberties these Republican Gestapo have stolen. Even the FBI got caught in March 2007 abusing “National Security Certificates” and failing to report the true numbers issued to Congress. Such certificates were used in cases clearly not related to national security, and even demanded on an “exigent” basis; an “emergency.” Businesses that receive such an order are forbidden by law to tell anyone, or face many years in federal prison. Hitler’s Gestapo acted like this too. America is throwing away it’s freedom.


It's not fun, and too often innocent persons are detained without being arrested. A recent court ruling allows police to do this for investigative purposes. It must only be done for legitimate purposes however. Any abuse leaves the bad cop open for false arrest and assault charges/kidnapping charges. Get a lawyer to handle any case of being hand cuffed or detained, as handling it yourself is too risky. Once you demand a lawyer, the cops must stop questioning you. Either they charge you or let you go. If they have detained you already, you have lost your freedom and have a high chance of going to jail. So be quiet!


If you are arrested, remain silent! Don't give any cheap ammunition to anyone. Make your phone call, get a lawyer, and get bail. If you can't get bail, keep quiet in jail as "jail house snitches" might set you up! Plead not guilty. If you do this, the entire burden of proof is on the police. Hope you have an honest cop. You can’t always count on it. Any arrest strips you of many of your civil rights, even more so if held in jail. Bail is often set on their conditions including electronic monitoring and restrictions on your movements. This can last for years in some cases until you are cleared. It is all perfectly legal police abuse that is common enough to bring up. 


You have the right to demand your fingerprints and mug shots be returned to you and your computer arrest records cleared if you are not convicted in finality. Do this as overzealous cops looking for “suspects” can abuse these records. False arrests have resulted from bad cops looking at baseless records. One man spent over two years in a New Jersey state prison framed by a cop falsifying fingerprint records. The mentality of bad cops equates an arrest with "guilt", even though the law says otherwise. Be advised once you arrested for anything you get a permanent NICU FBI violator number, as well as a state, county, jail and local police violator number that stays around forever. Expect extra searches at airports or when stopped by any cop, as this record pops up in too many states. Expect to be considered a “person of interest” and hauled in years later as well, in some cases.


If you push hard enough you can get the computer files “blinded” and you should do so as you should expect to be detained and searched in the future at airports, customs and traffic stops by dumb cops who equate any arrest with “guilt.” Expect to be cuffed and put on the ground during such a search too. Strip searches have resulted from this kind of error as well as false arrest. Each state is different in how they handle this so check with your lawyer.


The cops may not use force if you are acting reasonably. Make notes of names, places and what happens in case you are abused. Write this information down as soon as possible. If you have bruises demand hospital care so the bruises can be identified and photographed. If the cop refuses claim crushing chest pain, which should get you right into a hospital, where doctors and nurses will document your injuries as evidence in your defense. No one wants a heart attack death in his or her jail or police station. The investigation is most painful. Use this only as a last resort.


Even this might not protect you as witnessed by the recent wrongful arrest by Longmeadow Police in Massachusetts. Due to a "clerical error" a woman was arrested for not having a valid drivers license. While being held in leg irons and handcuffs in the Hampden County Jail, in Springfield, she charged being beaten by a sheriff's deputy security guard, suffering bruises and internal bleeding. She required hospital care while under false arrest. The court security guard was charged with slamming her up against a wall. The charges were quickly dismissed, and the jail security guard was indicted. The jail security guard had the charges dismissed against him because of political connections, but the allegations in the case linger on leaving doubts.


The State’s Attorney or District Attorney are often pals with the bad cops and will offer an innocent person a “deal” to save them from the trouble of doing their job to investigate the case to find out what really happened, and to protect bad cops from being arrested or sued. There are too many lazy, unethical and politically ambitious bully prosecutors out there that use high pressure techniques to intimidate innocent people to accept a “plea.” Once to plead, you have lost all your rights and have been set up for the next charge in the future as anything other than a clear finding of “Not Guilty” will give you a permanent criminal record . Get a lawyer, enter a not guilty plea, and make bail if you can. Never talk to a prosecutor as they are an extension of the police and are often in collusion with lawyers who even sell out their own clients. Get a real lawyer who will look out for you. You will have to look around very carefully too as not all lawyers want to work for their clients. It is far easier to make a back room “deal” with their buddy, the prosecutor. Some prosecutors often withhold information that would indicate innocence to insure getting a conviction. Never trust a prosecutor as too many have forgotten their sworn duty to protect the innocent.


When an innocent person is arrested the public interests are not served as the real criminal is still out there and will prey upon others. Some cops just plain don’t care and will even side with criminals to protect sources of information; look up Stafford Springs, CT below!






There exists a serious threat to innocent people from socially irresponsible people who will cause a false arrest or accusation to intimidate a person from taking legally justified action. I know of tenants causing the false arrest of their landlords (See Enfield Police) and high school students falsely accusing their teachers( See Roanoke Police). The intent of the false accuser is to get away with whatever illegal action they have done, such as refusal to pay the rent, disrupting the classroom or whatever they want. While police officers are even sometimes falsely accused themselves and are quick to follow up a false accusation against a fellow cop, too many unprofessional, untrained and unethical cops fail to follow up this basic tenet of social intelligence to protect an innocent citizen. Worse yet the false accuser has nothing to lose as no action is often taken for filing a false charge, or giving a false statement to police. Even known drug addicts and prostitutes as well as punk high school students know this and use it to remove a teacher they don’t like, or punish an honest landlord, etc. Be aware you can’t expect any protection from bad cops when this kind of thing happens. Even lawyers use this trick to file SLAPP lawsuits (Strategic Litigation Against Public Policy) against innocent victims to protect guilty corporate clients!  This forces an innocent victim to spend thousands of dollars on legal fees, and often to drop legitimate action against social predators; who then go on to hit their next victim with the assistance of our legal system. It has been said that “Lady Justice” is a whore.” Be aware of this growing problem. I know of one Connecticut tenant who even won a damage award from her former landlord after an eviction for vandalism she deliberately caused!


Related to this are many people who file false and frivolous civil lawsuits, with the sole intent to injure and intimidate. Once a lawsuit is filed, the “Victim” of such a malicious lawsuit spends often spends thousands of dollars to defend themselves against loss of the home and assets. Often a “settlement” is forced on someone, giving up dignity and rights the person could not take had the case been heard by a real judge or jury. Any time in court amounts to a huge crap shoot, with a growing trend of socially irresponsible parties using the legal process against innocent people, to get their way. I have seen judges in small claims courts alone give tenants money back after they damaged an apartment, or failed to pay rent!


Lawyers are a huge part of the problem as they have sold out to those with means, such as corporate clients and wealthy individuals. The working man has to give in, rather than pay huge legal fees to bring out the truth. Some attorneys are over the top, being willing to invent whatever it takes to produce a case out of thin air, to get the client what they want. Some attorneys will engage in a campaign of character assassination during discovery such that any innocent working man will look like dirt. I know of local attorneys in Connecticut that would slime the Virgin Mary to protect a pedophile priest. Lawyers have forgotten they are officers of the court, and made courts a dangerous place for any innocent person. Many lawyers are “hired guns.”



If you should find your self in a hostage situation be prepared for the increased possibility of being arrested and jailed. Recent court rulings allow this as well in a broad number of situations including airline incidents. You should again get an attorney, while telling the police that you are an innocent hostage and victim. Say nothing more and call your lawyer. A good cop won't hold a hostage, but witness what happened to a women hostage arrested by the Detroit Police and jailed for two days. Her children were taken by DCYS, and she reported being treated worse by the cops than the escaped convicts who had kidnapped her. Silence might well be golden.



A growing number of errors by police dogs in identification of innocent people for drugs or tracking suspects is causing overturns in Florida and Texas. If you are identified in error, get a good lawyer who knows this so the dog can be tested by outside experts for it’s error rate. Then sue the officer and department.


Don't intervene directly but note the names and badge numbers of the officers as well as police car numbers. A cad-cam is an obvious asset, with a distant lens if available. Have witnesses there to back you up. Dial 911 and log the information onto the voice tape for use as evidence against police. Then call the FBI. Never call the local police Internal Affairs, as there is a high risk of a cover up, when any bad cops are involved. When the local police get the word, they will often release their victim without any charges, often lying to cover their liability. Internal Affairs or other local police to investigate this incident might approach you. Again, talk only to the FBI. If you don't want them on your property, they are criminal trespassers. The police cannot harass you or talk to you without your permission. That includes phone calls, mail, being approached in public, etc.


Friendly news or TV reporters can help as well. Bringing it out in the open, and taking the control from the bad cops will serve justice served up, on a silver platter. Don't worry about stepping on the toes of high-ranking police officials as they failed their responsibility to provide supervision and oversight to prevent this kind of misconduct. They have given up their rights and authority. Treat them as bad cops. They are part of the problem, instead of being part of the solution.


It is your duty as a citizen to report bad cops. The good cops suffer for the bad, which have too often risen in the ranks. There are now reports of death threats against honest cops for speaking up against corruption. Too many good cops quit after two or three years on the job for this reason. By reporting bad cops, you send a powerful message to all cops to stay within the limits. While many cops still hold to the code of silence and protect that bad apples out of fear, there are some good cops coming forward and breaking ranks to clean up corruption.


In my view failing to report a bad cop is as bad as being corrupt, as this signals the setting of a standard of acceptance. I know of one very bad cop back east who was forced to dump his jet engines because of being reported. There were shock waves felt in the entire state. Even if you don't have enough to arrest the bad cop, a report goes in the officer's file and other places. Another report for that same individual or department will pull the past incidents as well. The second report might well get the offender fired or prosecuted if the first didn't. This adversely affects promotions too.

Be aware that certain federal agents such as The Border Patrol DEA, BATF, and others engage in warrant less searches and coercion. You have the same rights no matter whom you deal with. It's entirely unfortunate that some federal officers demand a standard of state and local police they refuse to uphold. Perhaps after the Atlanta Olympic bombing incident that will change some of the attitudes in the FBI.


Remember the police work for you, the citizen! No cop has the right to be your master. Make the job of the good cop easier by helping them put the bad ones in prison, with the rest of the criminals.



A new police tool that sends 50,000 volts through the body is increasingly being abused on pregnant women, elderly persons and children. Several regular folks have died of heart problems following the use of this weapon. Yet policies remain in place in spite of the evidence. It is a easy way for a lazy cop to take someone down in cases where it’s use is ill advised. We need to stop this abuse.



If you want to make any cop really nervous fast, just let a remark "slip" about some guy you just saw with a camcorder. Watch them clean up their act really fast! Of course they might even go looking for the camera operator, further impeding their efficiency. At the very least you will appeal to the widespread paranoid feelings of cops who fear getting caught on tape. This is why the bad cops even have to be careful these days. If you really are filming, don’t let the cops find out about the existence of the tape, until they see it for themselves on the six o’clock news as many cops will seize and destroy any evidence of this nature!  Check out West Hartford Police below! You are allowed to watch police activity at a reasonable distance so don’t let the cops push you out.



Be careful who you hire as an attorney! Too many local lawyers are buddies with the local District Attorney or State’s Attorney! These lawyers will urge an innocent person to “plea down” to avoid jail time. In fact they are afraid of making waves with the courts and judges, whom are lawyers too. It might mess up their economic niche! It saves a lawyer having to really work for a living, and makes for a nice lifestyle too. I know of people paying $5000 to $20,000, just to plea down to something they never did. The next time that person is charged, investigated or arrested, they have a record which any cop can look up on the computer; in many cases right from the car computer. To a bad cop any prior police or court history means “guilt,” and you can count on jail time the next “go-round.”

Call the American Civil Liberties Union {ACLU} listed in many telephone directories. They know of real lawyers who still care about false arrest and false imprisonment. Also contact The Innocence Project at for help in getting a good attorney.

Too many lawyers are overpriced scam artists who will sell you out and cut you a “deal” before they really hear your side. Courts and lawyers today in too many cases have lost the concept of actual innocence, seeking to operate “assembly line justice” on a utilitarian basis for their advantage. Many District Attorney’s and State’s Attorneys will also back up rogue cops over an innocent person because it is one big happy clubhouse up there. I have seen this widespread problem here in Connecticut. One arrest on your record can ruin your professional, vocational and social life forever! Once the name and story hits the papers, this ruins a person, even if finally found not guilty. Police departments and courts take away far more then is ever repaid in damages to innocent victims of judicial miscarriage. Most people never collect a dime because the system is stacked against the innocent person.

In many cases you are far better off with a more expensive lawyer from out of the county or area that will really do their job. There are a number of good lawyers out there; it is well worth taking the time to look and see. Just as your mother taught you not to take candy from strangers, don’t think the courts are fair and model the justice our founding fathers intended. The garments of lady justice are soiled with the dirt of corrupt cops, lawyers, and judges, as well as the blood of the innocent.



Since the two versions of The Patriot Act have become law, a larger number of local and federal rogue cops have pushed the envelope on greater powers, using any excuse to connect domestic crime to “terrorism.” The rights you have may more easily be violated and the safeguards I have listed above might be rendered ineffective by overzealous rogue cops. Be careful until the courts restore some reason to certain cops who have abused their authority.


This was written both out of need, and from several people’s experiences both inside law enforcement and as a victim of bad cops myself. The experiences of others were included as well. We would love to be able to name the good cops who helped us prepare this; we must protect their careers. We would like to thank a certain officers of the departments who inspired many of the tips.


Fight for social, economic and political justice. It is our only hope for world peace and a stable society. An intact and well functioning police mechanism is essential in this task. This is as much a part if one's spiritual responsibilities as supporting your local church. Our Lord attacked the moneychangers in the temple; we should do no less.

Get involved by bringing pressure on the municipal, county and state officials to deal with police corruption! Help elect a new Sheriff, like was done in North Carolina. File charges where warranted It really does make a difference, as the effects are widespread. The honest cops will appreciate it as you are clearing the air. The bad cops greatly fear the light of an honest citizen. Enlist the help of your local television station or newspaper as well. Publicity is the deathblow to any corrupt public official.


Recent police scandals in Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City, Hartford and Atlanta underscore the need to rid our police departments of the bottom 5% of the work force. Help the good guy out.


There are a couple of newsgroups out there that seem to attract a large number of cop haters, wackos, and even a some cop "wannebes." If you sign on to one of these forums be prepared to selectively filter out the name-calling and other trash from the real stuff. Calls to clean up two newsgroups have gone un-answered.One has a “Sgt Rock” posting his daily brags. His stuff sounds more like the journals a psychiatric patient might write.


A large number of local, state and federal officers have privately encouraged us as they too are fed up with corruption they are almost powerless to stop. They remind me how much the abuse causes well-deserved attitudes citizens take out on the next cop they meet.


Several officers have asked us for help to fight vicious attacks and false accusations, often politically motivated. Some were facing being framed or fired themselves. This site is our way of giving back to innocent citizens who have nowhere to turn for help. Good cops under attack are as much victims as anyone else! While we don't operate a formal program or legal clinic, this ministry is intended to speak up and encourage victims of police crime to seek justice.


A few cops have criticized us for giving away information "that will help criminals!" Any well informed person knows that a real criminal knows his rights, makes bail, and goes on to commit more crimes. Any criminal that has served time in prison just comes out better educated at his or her chosen vocation; prisons breed more ruthless predators. Any real criminal could recite what we are telling you with needing this site!


The innocent citizen is the person who is devastated by false arrest and false imprisonment. The innocent citizen who is victimized by bad police will often not cooperate in the future with any police officers as a result. We have been told by some that they will not call the police for help, but fend for themselves instead (often a very smart move). We know of several that will report a cop, any cop, for a simple traffic violation, just to make the life of any cop miserable. To the bad cops I ask you to think about this; what goes around comes back around! How would you like to be lying on the street wounded, with no one to help you? We know of cops who were in serious personal danger who got no help from bystanders and were alone in a fight with real criminals. We know of cops who received no medical aid after being wounded, while bystanders aided others at the scene; this was citizen payback for police abuse.


To the good cops, don’t lose courage. People like me very much respect and back you! We need you. Help us weed out the rogue cops!





I have been criticized for pointing out the faults of cops who prey on society, and I plan to keep on doing it. My character has been attacked by lawyers in an attempt to discredit me because I have ethical standards and speak my opinion. One such lawyer even called me a “Crusader.” But some lawyers would slime the Virgin Mary to defend a pedophile priest. To be fair this section balances the acts of the good guys, who by the way suffer ignominy because of the bad cops. Support the good cops.




This fall 2006 Montreal Police responded quickly and effectively at Dawson College when a crazed lone gunman started shooting innocent students. One woman lost her life, while many others were saved by well trained and professional cops. GOOD JOB!




The shootings in Lancaster County in October 2006 were an example of cops doing it right. The team went in and prevented a lone gunman from sexually assaulting innocent Amish girls; the gunman had K Y Jelly in his backpack. The swift assault saved at least four lives in a situation where ten lives were almost certain to be lost. Good job guys! That had to be hard too see the carnage this sick man inflicted.




Sgt Paul Miffit and other officers rescued a drowning boy from a local river, at great risk to life, having to be rescued himself after getting the boy out. Good job!




In the carnage at the Virginia Technical Institute in April 2007, as well as again in 2011,  in which 32 students were shot dead by a lone gunman, these cops did a decent job to say the least. This area is rural, and lacks the kind of resources other areas had. Many wounded were saved and evacuated by cops who did not know if they would be shot for going in to rescue victims. This is to date the worst mass killing in the USA & Canada on a college campus, surpassing the killings at the School of Engineering in Montrèal some years ago. The lone killer took his own life at the end.




The worst of the scum, lower than dirt, beyond redemption, etc





1st Place: New Orleans Police

2nd Place: Chicago Police

3rd Place: North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation

Dishonorable Mention: New York City Police




 1ST Place:  Philadelphia Police

2ND Place: New Orleans Police

3rd Place: Chicago Police

Dishonorable Mention: Windsor Locks CT Police





Philadelphia Police

New Orleans Police

Chicago Police

Hartford and New Haven CT Police

Winston-Salem Police



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Innocence Project, New York City with national links at

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Centurion Ministries in Princeton, New Jersey



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San Diego Support Group at


LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY HALL OF SHAME:                       The Rogues Gallery







This department has refused to several times to reply to an internal affairs complaint for misconduct involving threatening behavior by one of their cops in September 2007. Chief Campbell’s office has yet to return any phone calls. Anyone with information on this department is requested to contribute information as our investigation continues.


ALAMANCE COUNTY SHERIFF, Burlington, North Carolina


In October 2009 this department had to explain a recent false arrest resulting from a sloppy investigation at his school. He was released a few days later but not suffers from discrimination in getting into college or getting a job, as it takes months and thousands of dollars to request permission to expunge a record. The department says it’s has mended it’s ways to prevent this from happening again, and a “pretend apology” by the chief admitting the use of “faulty information” to obtain a warrant.


In July 2008 deputies arrested a woman for traffic offenses, and took her into custody as an illegal alien. Her three children were left abandoned for several hours by the deputies while their mother was placed on deportation status. It took several hours for relatives in Maryland to arrive and pick the children up. The Sheriff stands by his departments actions.


In April 2008 a 16 year old boy was beaten down by four jail security guards during a jail tour. Sheriff Terry Johnson  has acknowledged the boy was improperly restrained and possibly assaulted by staff. The guards face criminal charges  and three were fired with one resigning as the NC State Bureau of Investigation and District Attorney’s Office are investigating. The fired guards involved are Lt. Gerry Stevens, Hugh Atkins Thacker, and Jason Lee Neal. Guard James Bernard Slutts resigned before being fired.


This county caused an innocent black man to spend many years in state prison for a rape-murder later found to have been committed by another man. The county paid a huge award to settle the case.




In late October 2008 Anaheim Police gunned down an innocent man in his own yard, in a tragic case of mistaken identity. The cop involved never asked any questions, firing two shots in his chest. Police will not identify this killer cop. His pregnant wide watched as he was cuffed, denied medical care and finally Paramedics tried in vain to save his life. The couple had just been married the previous week, and a baby is expected in early December 2008. While federal and state investigators are reviewing this murder, it appears the man stepped out to protect his house after hearing a noise in the night, holding only a broomstick. The cop has not been arrested either, with very little chance of any justice because the Anaheim cops are already fabricating a story about commands having been given to this man before he was shot, in an effort to justify this murder of a hispanic man by a cop. The community is not buying any of the police explanations either.


This department has the usual history of false arrests, beatings and frame up jobs.

ANNAPOLIS POLICE, Maryland Jack Booted Thugs and Terrorists

As of February 2008 no accounting of the wrong house hit raid in June has been made by the cops.

In June 2007 this goon squad hit the wrong apartment without properly announcing themselves, forcing in a door and using a flash grenade. In the process a pregnant woman was brutally assaulted and handcuffed while her husband was kicked in the groin and beaten while handcuffed. Witnesses reported hearing the screams of the residents while police terrorized the innocent residents. About 20 minutes later one cop emerged from the residence, realizing it was the wrong place. The cops then left without offering any help or making an apology. The residents are from El Salvadore, but no Spanish speaking cops were sent. The cops even tried to force their victims to sign waivers. The residents refused. The residents did not resist or fight back even though they had every legal right to do so; had they exercised their rights no doubt funerals would have followed. Sources on the ground tell me the cops tried to arrest these innocent residents on charges of assault on a police officer, but were told not to by senior cops because of the political fallout, which is mounting.

Citing legal concerns, the department still refuses to apologize. They are busy talking with the cities attorney’s office instead.  City Attorney Shaem C. Spencer was “unavailable” for comment. In a further act of arrogance the police say it will take at least 10 days until they know what happened. We are lucky no one was killed in this raid by a racist and unprofessional department. No cops have been arrested for the assault on the pregnant women and her husband, as the law provides for as the police actions were criminal and clearly illegal as they had no authority to be there. But the cops protect their own. No cops have yet to be suspended or disciplined either. Public “Information”Officer Hal Dalton continues to engage in empty legal doublespeak rather than admit the truth

Police Chief Johnson stated, “They made a mistake and that’s not good.”  In a further act of Maryland judicial arrogance, Alderman David H. Cordle, Chairman of The Public Safety Committee, said police had yet to brief him about the raid. Mr. Cordle, who works for the State’s Attorney’s Office further called the event “a relatively harmless mistake in the scheme of things, there was no gunfire and there were no deaths.” What about the impact on innocent citizens who will no doubt carry the scars of this aggressive act for life, and who came close to death as 15 cops with assault rifles came gunning for them? It’s OK to beat innocent people as long as you don’t shoot or kill them, and people just are expected to stand fast and tolerate this abuse? Lets send this squad to his house one night and see how he likes it.

Once these Gestapo cops realized their mistake, they went to the right place. It was empty. These losers fail to score on two counts in one day. Local sources tell me a lawsuit is going to be filed as these folks now have a lawyer.

This racially and culturally diverse community has a chronic problem with police misconduct which has yet to be addressed. They have refused to respond to our inquiries for a copy of the investigative report on the raid.


Officer Shane Poteet agreed to resign as of June 2007, and never serve as a cop in the USA, or carry a weapon again, in exchange for dropping charges holding a gun to his daughter’s head, and pulling her by the hair, because she refused to pick up a spilled drink. It pays to have connections as a cop. Any civilian would be rotting in jail.

Officer Joesph Francis Mosmiller is facing charges of false imprisonment and sexual assault for stopping an 18 year old woman in her car, then groping and photographing her breast.


In March 2009 the story broke about a deaf man calling police after discovering still yet another break in at his house. The cop refused to listen to him, so the deaf man tried to give the cop a note, and tried to communicate using AMSLAM, standards signing language for the deaf. The cop decided this was an attack and threw trhe deaf man to the floor, cuffed him and falsely arrested him for resisting arrest, etc. The prosecutor dropped the charges for lack of evidence. The cops are writing it off as a “lack of training.” That is pure lying as the county paramedic even documented this cop and his being totally clueless. The deaf man was recovering from neck surgery which was painful enough without the beating administered by the cops. In spite of the fact the house has been broken into many times, they will not call the police again because the man feels  he “can’t.”  Why has not this cop been arrested and fired?


Former Trooper Larry Normand pleaded guilty in June 2007 to shooting an unarmed, disabled mentally retarded man to death. The man was lying on the ground and kept putting his hands in his pockets, not understanding commands to keep his hands in sight. Normand had been ordered to direct traffic, but instigated the incident by directly approaching the innocent man. Once shot the man asked, “Why did you shoot me?” Normand must serve 90 days in jail followed by probation and community service at a school for disabled people. The Arkansas State Police have promised to step up training in response to the incident. The innocent man was mistaken as a fugitive from a Michigan prison.


ATLANTA POLICE, Georgia Corruption  and racism on the level with New Orleans


In October 2011 a woman called police when her car was stolen. The cops arrived and falsely arrested her only because her first name matched a “wanted.” They failed to check her last name, address (where they were at), her date of birth or picture with the victim of an assault. She spent 53 days in jail, emerging having lost her home, job and car only after the victim cleared her. Now they are getting sued, but the woman’s life is ruined because the cop failed to follow standard investigative and booking procedures. She is jobless and homeless. Officers Nichole Aguinaga, Jaldon Conrington and Justin Strom are facing suspensions and little more.


In September 2009 40 cops raided a gay club, forcing everyone to the floor, including an injured war veteran. The cops took everyone’s ID, held them for long periods of time, having to release everyone as no one was violating the law. A huge civil rights lawsuit was paid out in December 2010, costing the city $1million more, because the cops tried to stop it. . The cops claimed this way of raiding bars is standard procedure. Anyone who questioned what was going on was told to “shut up or be arrested for disorderly conduct.” The mayor apologized, calling the police conduct “inappropriate.” The conduct of city officials remains under investigation as Internal Affairs used whitewash for “courtesy violations.”


In May 2009 these cops falsely arrested an innocent man for murder, only to be forced to release him a day later.


In May 2009 Officer Reginald Fisher shot an unarmed innocent man in the jaw, while working security. Atlanta Police refuse to cooperate with the civilian review board. The man had the bullet removed, but the cop was arrested for false arrest, aggravated assault and more.. It looks like the attitude of the cops has not really changed since the infamous murder several years ago of an elderly black woman. The cops in that case are now in prison.


In February 2009 former Atlanta cops and now federal inmates Jason Smith, Greg Junnier and Arthur Tesler were sentenced. Smith got 10 years,Junnier got six years and Tesler five years for the murder on a falsified drug raid that killed an elderly woman. The cops have to split the funeral costs of the innocent woman they murdered.


In July 2008 Officer John Kevin Freeman was arrested for murder and aggravated assault in connection in his shooting a security guard in his housing complex, as the guard was leaving. He is being held in The Cobb County Jail without bail.


In June 2008 Officer Wayne Longe was indicted for having sex in the back seat of his car with a woman he had arrested for a traffic offense. It is charged Longe drove her to a park where he could rape the woman in privacy. A trial is pending.


As of January 2008 there is an ongoing federal investigation concerning this department. Two more cops have been arrested, Officer Wilson Carstaffin is charged with sexual battery of a 12 year old girl. Another cop accepted payments from an Atlanta apartment complex in exchange for “protection.”  The new drug squad received FBI training in February 2008, with Chief Pennington issuing a stern warning not to take any “short cuts!” Violators will be arrested. Mr. Pennington, you are in the wrong business; ever think about a new career as a stand up comic?


As of November 2007 four innocent men have been released after being framed by crooked Atlanta cops, with 41 other cases under review. A police major must now sign off on any “no knock” warrants including the new drug unit. None of the old cops from the old drug unit are allowed on the new unit. The family of the woman murdered by the cops and the informant that was falsely imprisoned are bringing huge lawsuits. The cops are under a huge cloud, lacking trust and citizen support; this is how it should be for betrayal of public trust. It has come out that the cops lied about the Neal Street Massacre, and planted marijuana after murdering Mrs. Johnson, an elderly black woman. Think about getting your attorney there before you allow any Atlanta cop near you, otherwise say nothing. These are predator cops.


In October 2007 an off duty Atlanta cop, Steve Iman, shot at a college student and his girlfriend with his service pistol after an argument in a Marietta bar. Four other officers were suspended because they fled without reporting the incident until confronted by Atlanta PD supervisors. Iman is facing twenty years for shooting at a pick up truck with the couple inside. Atlanta Police Deputy Chief Andresen termed this incident a setback following the Thanksgiving Massacre of Kathryn Johnson while the department tries to regain public trust following the scandal last year. Also suspended from duty are officers Mathew Fuqua, Kevin Patton and Ryan Sinks.


In July 2007 the former police informant, Alex White returned to Washington D.C., to testify on Capital Hill about how Atlanta Police demanded he lie to cover their tracks. This was a well established pattern of manipulation and corruption that has emerged after the fatal Thanksgiving Day Massacre in an illegal raid by APD. It’s looking pretty ugly as calls are made for reform.


In late June 2007 Mr. Mingus Williams was finally set free from the Fulton County Jail. He was falsely arrested by Former Officer and Inmate Gregg Junier, who was involved in the murder of Kathryn Johnson last year. Many more releases are expected. Inmate Junnier admitted to lying to make a case. This innocent man was six months into a two year sentence.Fulton County DA Paul Howard has asked three other men jailed under similar conditions have their sentences commuted to time served; how about not guilty? But this is Georgia and they are still a bit slow in catching up to the idea that people have rights. Too little, too late. Williams saw his release held up a day due to “paperwork.” This is more typical Georgia judicial arrogance; adding insult to injury.


In March 2007 Chief Pennington announced new policy changes on raids in response to the Thanksgiving Day Masacre (see below) last year. More narcotics cops will be added and rotated off that duty to avoid “complacency.” Now top supervisors will have sign off on all “no knock” warrants, and must witness any payments to confidential informants. Narcotics cops will get more training. In April 2007 Inmates/former officers Gregg Junnier, and Gregg Smith, the murderers in the Thanksgiving Day Masacre, struck a plea bargain deal for their criminal acts on Neal Street. They admitted to lying to get the “no knock” warrant to make a raid on the home of Kathryn Johnston. Both will serve at least ten years in prison. Officer Arthur Tesler claims he is the fall guy, having been set up by the other two. Tesler claims he was at the back of the house with his weapon holstered. He decided to go for a jury and got 4 ½ years plus probation . A light sentence for being an accessory to murder.


Two months before the murder by Atlanta Police, another botched raid including Former Officer/Inmate Smith occurred down the door of another innocent elderly black woman. Frances Thompson lives at Simpson Landing, and was terrorized by another raid involving “snitches” fingering the wrong house. There were concerns expressed as a result of that raid that “things were going too fast,” and “that someone is going to get hurt.” Nothing was done to slow down these “urban cowboys.”


The arrogance of the Atlanta PD is evident in how U S Marshals behaved when they hit the wrong house on Stafford Street in May 2007. They arrogantly demanded the elderly 94 year old woman open the door, an unlawful order that was refused. When they showed the granddaughter a picture of the fugitive, they believed the woman when told they had the wrong house. The women were scared for their lives after The Thanksgiving Massacre by Atlanta Police. The feds even apologized and left, without breaking down doors or firing shots with the twelve men that had surrounded the house. They should have been more polite and not given unlawful orders in an arrogant fashion, threatening the lives of innocent citizens. But at least these women lived to tell about it.


The corruption probe is unfolding as an innocent 37 year old man was ordered released from prison without delay, as Inmate Cop Gregg Junnier was the main witness, and it looks like the funny white stuff was planted. The man has spent two years in prison and looking at a new trial. The DA is looking at other cases, looking for more lies, promising to undo all bad cases. The first lawsuit against The City of Atlanta for the two years of false imprisonment is already in the works. It looks like many more will follow.


This whole incident has sparked a major probe of widespread corruption within the department. Residents are coming forward in large numbers to claim illegal entry, callous systematic brutality, fake warrants and the planting of evidence. Hold on to your seats, this will get very ugly into the summer of 2007.


On January 23rd 2007, Pete Williams, a black man released after twenty two years in prison for a rape DNA proves he is innocent of. In fact he was in jail on unrelated charges when three identical attacks occurred, but Atlanta Police and former DA Fred Takars (now a federal inmate) hid this evidence and obtained a false conviction against this innocent man. Now Fulton County DA Paul Howard decided it best to release Williams, after first stating he needed to decide if Williams should be released. This should be a no brainer as innocent people do not belong in jail, except in Georgia?  Williams was booked into the Fulton County Jail then released until his hearing in two weeks when he will officially be innocent. This kind of delay is yet another typical act of Georgia judicial arrogance. Another 47 year old man is likely the man who attacked the women, but has yet to be charged. Expect another huge lawsuit on this as Atlanta’s jack booted thugs pay for their KKK activity. Hey, twenty one years later they finally nailed Kenneth Wicker for these crimes, too little, too late.


In November 2006, just before Thanksgiving Day, plainclothes Atlanta Police broke down the door of a 92 year old black woman, having obtained a warrant based bad information from a “snitch,” The women shot several officers thinking they were criminals, and was shot dead. Officer Arthur B Tesler who was involved in this raid is reported to have falsified a police report in a 2001 accident, that cost the city $450,0900 in damages. Civil rights groups called for a fair investigation. Civil rights leaders are calling for a federal probe as the person named in the bogus warrant was “Sam,” and no one other than the dead black woman lived there. It looks like they applied for a warrant without verification of the information. Atlanta PD claims to have recovered drugs, but there is serious doubt about if they planted evidence to “dirty up” another innocent victim. The “snitch” now claims no drugs were there, and denies the “buy” the warrant was based on. “Sam” also said he had never been to Ms Johnson’s house. “Sam” further states that he was called after the raid and ordered to lie to “cover your ass.” It looks like the cops planted some weed to cover their tracks. “Sam” was identified as Samuel T Gulley with a long criminal record, and is in federal custody at the time of this writing. Now the cops have come up with the story of a second “snitch” linking the house to drugs. Do you believe them? These officers have received commendations for their past work: kind of scary. In December 2006, two BATF agents were shot serving an arrest warrant. I ask you to think about what happens when people perceive the cops to be trigger happy; this perpetuates violence. The citizen has nothing left to lose, so there is no hesitation to shoot at a cop. It is time to end the cycle of violence and the cops must come clean by admitting their fault in the murder of this 92 year old woman, and locking up their own. As of January 2007 the Fulton County District Attorney, Paul Howard, announced three of the officers involved were indicted by a Fulton County Grand Jury on 25 April 2007. Two have already cut plea deals, and a third will fight it out in trial.


It has emerged these same officers have applied for many no-knock warrants on the same basis of not fully identifying the source, or having the special circumstances required for this kind of warrant. They even raided the house next door to the police murder victim, Ms. Johnston, in the past. These no-knock warrants are not finding drugs or weapons, and are violating the constitutional rights of citizens according a defense lawyer, Dennis Scheib, who was an Atlanta cop. Word is these narcotic cops had a “quota” to fill.                        


It appears the victim of police killing, Ms. Johnston, shot her assailants, officers Cary Bond, Gary Smith and Greg Junnier in defense of her home. Ms. Johnson was hard of hearing, and would not have recognized the special raid uniforms used by Atlanta Police. It appears Ms. Johnston thinking intruders were breaking in, shot the her assailants. Another factor emerging is the large number of abandoned houses in the area that most likely were involved in the “drug buy.” Ms. Johnston lived alone and was law abiding. Attorney Dennis Scheib told The Atlanta Constitution the cops are taking shortcuts and not doing thorough investigations. Judges are not requiring proof either. The lies that are told to get warrants are incredible to say the least. Sources are always named as “Black,” or “Sam.” The suspects or drugs never seem to turn up. It’s time to arrest these cops!


The police chief has vowed to take another look at the use of “No Knock” policy, and the issue of informants. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has been asked to take over the case along with the FBI. The eight-person drug team has been suspended as the investigation rapidly expands.  This includes Sgt Pete Stallings as well the officers shot by Ms. Johnston in self defense.


Just after Thanksgiving Day 2006, Atlanta Police shot and killed a man identified as a robbery suspect, under mysterious conditions.


In 2006 Officer Richard Holmes was arrested for aggravated assault on another cop and perjury. A year later Chief Pennington still has no answers why the matter has not been resolved. Even more strange is the response by The Fulton County DA, who dropped all charges even though the crime carries decades in prison. Do we see a double standard here? Some other Atlanta cops are even calling for his punishment, without avail.


Atlanta has a long history of racist incidents victimizing people of color. The city is defending it’s own, in an uphill and losing battle. Chief Pennington, a black man, made a name cleaning up the New Orleans Police, prior to Hurricane Katrina. See our section below on New Orleans PD to see what Atlanta might well expect as the trucks of whitewash roll in. The chief has failed the citizens of Atlanta and should resign. One of my local sources in Atlanta calls him an “Oreo.”


AUSTIN Police, Texas


In February 2009 a man wrongfully arrested and convicted by this department was cleared of a rape charge after another man finally confessed. Timothy Cole died in prison in 1999 so this means very little in reality. This department has a long history of racist cops beating people up and making false arrests of black men like Mr. Cole. Rest in peace Mr. Cole, God will repay the cops.


In March 2005 a fire broke out at a black community nightclub. Police officers were observed by civilians reading the messages on their cruiser laptops through the windows sending email to each other of a highly racist nature. One officer even offered to bring “more gasoline” to the fire. This department follows the long tradition of Texas KKK jack booted thugs into the twenty first century with many false arrests, beatings, planted evidence and frame up jobs targeting people of color.


AYER POLICE, Massachusetts


The town has agreed to pay $3.4 million for the false arrest and imprisonment of a man who died six months after being released from 19 years in prison for a murder he did not do. Former Chiefs William Adamson and Phillip Connors allowed the chief’s secretary Taylor Harris to conduct a murder investigation as a “special officer,” knowing this person was not qualified to do any police work. One insurance company refused to sign on and will be assessed further damages in federal court.


This department has a history of sub-standard performance and poorly behaved staff.




This department is responsible for John Stoll having spent 30 years in prison on a conviction of child molestation for incidents that never happened. The incidents were cooked up by investigators using psychological tricks. Even though the convictions were overturned District Attorney Lisa Green stated she felt the man is guilty and fought on, holding him in jail until a hearing in  MAY 2004 , when he was finally released. This department has a long history of false arrest and racism going back to the days of the labor camps decades ago.




In April 2009 Officers Gregoiry Mussmacher, Guy Gerstel and Sgt Wayne Thompson were hit with a six count federal indictment for beating up a handcuffed and shackled teenager with a baton and pool stick, and trying to cover up the attack. They are facing long prison sentences if convicted.


In July 2008 Officver Timothy Sanders III was indicted for shooting an unarmed man in the back while being questioned with his arms being cuffed. The cop is charged with involuntary manslaughter with arraignment set for August 29th.


Early in January 2006 three BPD officers were arrested for sexual assault. The charges are they released a women from custody in exchange for sex. Two of the officers are charged with letting it happen. An investigation is underway.


Michael Austin served 27 years for the murder of a convenience store security guard. DNA evidence cleared him of a conviction that resulted from racist and incompetent police officers who failed to check his claim he was working that day. This department has a long history of human rights violations beyond belief. Now the governor has issued him a pardon and is talking about compensation.




In January 2009 Police Officer Johannes Mehserle shot an unarmed man in the back as he was lying face down on a subway train station platform,. Setting off massive riots in Oakland, California. The cop refused to talk with investigators and resigned. The  ex-cop has received death threats as well for th4e killing of a father, and apparently innocent man. The cop was convicted of homicide and given two years in prison while his parents found two packages on their porch, along with a bomb threat. 


BAY COUNTY SHERIFF, FLORIDA  Child Killers (Panama City)


Martin Lee Anderson died at a military boot camp style facility run by the sheriff under contract to the Florida State Department of Juvenile Justice, after being forced to run around a track as part of an intake process. The 14 year old developed difficulty breathing, and was subject to rough treatment. He was taken to a hospital where he died the next day. The program was shut down. Seven guards and one nurse will stand trial for the aggravated death of a child, and face sentences of 30 years each. The charges were based on “culpable negligence” when medical care was indicated, and apparently denied. The guards and nurse were not offered plea bargain deals. Governor Bush was directly involved in the case, and the family has brought a lawsuit.


Like too many Florida Sheriff’s Offices, this department has a long history of racism, false arrests, beatings and excessive use of force.




In January 2009, police mistakenly thought a SUV was stolen, then shot a man in the liver almost killing him. The cops were attacked by his family as the van was parked in the driveway, even pushing the man’s mother against a wall. No arrests were made and the cops are facing legal charges as well as a lawsuit as this appears to be a classic case of racial profiling against a black man.


AURORA Police, Illinois


In September 2009 this department lost an overturn for a murder conviction case involving a death sentence, due to DNA.




These two departments are now under investigation in October 2004 by the ACLU for racial profiling of members of the local Indian Reservation. While Police Chief Bruce Preece denies he has seen any untoward action towards Indians, the numbers tell a different story. While Indians are only 11% of the population of Cass County, they are the target of the most motor vehicle stops, searches and arrests. Local law enforcement blame this on the “poverty” of the Indians living on the reservation. Often Sheriffs Deputies and local police use feeble excuses such as a “burned out tail light” to pull over, search and then arrest  minorities while other residents are never stopped. Local law enforcement further blame their victims to justify racist conduct by citing the poor condition of older vehicles owned by residents of the reservation. The ACLU has set up a local office on a two year project to stem the tide of these racist jack booted thugs.




In June 2003 police were in pursuit of a black man on a motorcycle, when the cycle crash killing the suspect. It was charged that Benton Harbor Police rammed the cycle causing the crash, gave each other “high fives,” and kicked the body. In the immediate aftermath the mostly black population rioted burning down buildings, attacking police officers and vehicles, as well as attempting to burn down the police station. Hundreds of outside state and local police were called in to restore order in what was described as a “war zone.” No police officers were charged in the death of the motorists, while many arrests following two nights of riots followed.


There have been many charges over the years of racism, beatings and deaths caused by local police. I had the misfortune to get lost in Benton Harbor some years back driving to Chicago. The local cops followed me and were obviously looking for an excuse to pull me over. I did not ask for help but made my way out of the town as quickly as legal speed allowed. Why two cops to follow me?


This is a police force with serious issues so be careful when dealing here. Stay away from the cops if you can.


Bernallito County Sheriff, New Mexico


Deputy Richard Castillo has drawn controversy for drawing his gun in March 2009, on an unarmed 70 year old woman in a motor vehicle stop, because she had trouble finding a place to pull over for a motor vehicle stop. When she started to open her car door, the deputy was ready to kill her. The cop was shouting at the women, and attempted to order a witness away to cover his actions. The woman was scared for her life.


BERWYN Police, Illinois


Officer James Formato testified in a mob trial how he was a member of the gang, helping to set up burglaries both as a look out and participant. This department lives in the shadow and tradition of Cicero, the home of Al Capone and his successors. Racism and all forms of corruption are a way of life.


BIRMINGHAM Police, Alabama


In May 2009 five cops were fired for beating a suspect after a January 2008 chase. It was captured on video


Bloomfield Police, Connecticut


In June 2007 one of the employees of this department, Ransford Smith Jr, EMS Coordinator was placed on suspension, and placed under investigation. No comment has been made on the nature of the charges. Smith had most recently served as President and Chief of Operations for The Windsor Volunteer Ambulance. As of 6 July 2007, he was no longer gainfully employed by The Town of Bloomfield. No one is saying very much either as to under what circumstances he left the position. I am being told the very existence of Windsor Volunteer Ambulance is in question. Reports are circulating widely that the political and financial situation at Windsor Ambulance is at best “grave.”  See Windsor Police on our page four.


In April 2004 Bloomfield Police stood by and failed in their sworn duty in allowing Hartford Police to falsely arrest an man in his home in Bloomfield. See Hartford Police for details on the false arrest by Maurice Washington and Bryant Moore, including negligently causing the injury of a falsely arrested person during transport.


This town borders rough sections of Hartford, and has many complaints of illegal search and stops on the town line by officers accused of racial profiling. There are serious issues with the conduct of some of the officers on this department. This department would be in the clown's gallery if their mistakes didn't impact on so many innocent people. I have received a large number of complaints about assaults and illegal search stops along the border with Hartford of minorities.

Their detective bureau is pretty stupid. Some time back during an EMT Refresher Course at the Bloomfield Police EMS building, someone ripped off a computer from the cop shop. Now they came looking to everyone at the course, forcing people to sign "voluntary consent forms" to search the homes and cars of everyone who took the class. The bottom line is the computer and printer was never recovered. Four members of the volunteer EMS unit quit because of the handling of investigation by the Gestapo. Worse yet, word "leaked" out that a certain someone was the prime suspect, etc. A U S Department of Justice complaint was filed; along with complaints top the Attorney General of Connecticut. Internal Affairs tried to handle the complaint, but everyone was reading copies of this Web Site, circulating in mass at the Bloomfield Police EMS unit. If you ever have to deal with this department, do not talk to Detective Mark Samsel, and his Latino female partner. As an aside, the stuff that was stolen was old and inferior. I read a copy of the search papers, then ran the serial numbers. Someone did them a favor taking out the trash for them. As a result, the cop shop is now protected with real locks, cameras, and alarms. The former Swiss cheese security system is history. No apologies from Bloomfield Police about their misconduct either. Don't hold your breath waiting either.....


BOISE, Idaho Police


Cops taunted and used a taser gun on a handcuffed man, all captured on a recording. The taser was used on the subjects buttocks and genital areas. A lawsuit is pending.


BOLTON, Mass Police


This department ordered a man who was exonerated after spending 10 years in prison for rape, to register as a Sex Offender, or face arrest. After DNA cleared the man, the name was not removed from a list in what was described as an “administrative error.” See Marlboro Police for the main story. They were forced to withdraw this false regisatation. The officer involved could have checked the computer to verify the overturn, or called the court, but failed to do his job to get the facts. 


BOSTON POLICE  Domestic Terrorists  


In February 2010 Officer Justin Barrett was fired for posting racial comments about the Harvard University professor falsely arrested in his home by Cambridge Police.


In October 2009 a federal jury ruled that this department violated a man’s civil rights, causing the conviction in 1988 on a murder charge. The penalty phase will follow to decide what Detective Timothy Callahan must pay for 14 years of false imprisonment.


In September 2009, a city firefighter was found not guilty after Officers Brian Dunford and David Santosuosso beat the man up and lied to effect a false arrest. Family and friends testified against these rogue cops, and Internal Affairs now takes the matter seriously. A lawsuit is pending.


In May 2009 the cops are trying to improve relationships with the Spanish community after years of false arrests, beatings and refusing to even offer help to victims of crimes. The Code of Silence is so strong that it has become a hot issue. The community perception is to fear the cops and avoid them for one’s own protection. The facts certainly support this view.


In December 2008 the Boston Police Superintendent, Robert P Dunford, took a leave of absence when it came to light there are allegations he ordered officials to overlook a romantic relationship between a police recruit and her instructor. Officer Paul Downey is the instructor charged in the case. Now an internal affairs investigation is underway.


In November 2007 Boston Police are rolling out a “program” to “get guns off the street,” in which they ask parents to allow cops to “voluntarily” consent to a search of their children’s living quarters. Legal experts have published in The Boston Globe warnings about this being an “end run” around the constitution, which provides safeguards to protect citizens against abusive police. There is no provision to properly inform the parents of the possible legal consequences involved either, just a push in the door. Given the long history of Boston Police involving false arrests etc, I would advise any parent not to allow any cop in undewr these circumstances as “evidence” might be planted. It wouldn’t be the first time.  If your kid has a gun, go find it yourself, and get rid of it in the Charles River or in a sewer. Don’t turn it over to the cops! Read under Hartford Police what happened to an honest parent being falsely arrested for doing this. Boston Police are not honest or professional. The program gives individual officer discretion for finding small amounts of drugs. Anything they “find” could put you or other family members in prison. You can bet any kind of drugs will get everyone busted. You have been warned. Look at the Boston Police and ask yourself the following question; would you buy a used car from this person?


In August 2007 Lt Haseeb Hosein, LT Timothy Kervin and LT Ghassoub Frangie were placed on administrative leave after audits revealed they collected huge sums for overtime they never worked. Criminal charges are being considered. Is the whitewash being delivered again? Kervin stole at least $237,000, Hosein at least $200,000. They are on desk duty at last posting. A civilian stealing a candy bar goes to jail, is this more double standard?


In July 2007 Superintendent Robert O Dunford was reprimanded for his remarks, in which he termed sexual assaults in East Boston as a “courting ritual.” His punishment is to go to “Sensitivity Training.” This dinosaur, aged 62 and tough talking, from Dorchester, deserves to be fired as a public example. Do you really expect an old dog to learn new tricks? I wonder how he would feel if his daughter got to experience a “courting ritual?”


In July 2007 Boston’s Homicide Unit, under the command of Deputy Superintendent Thomas Lee, when detectives from the B-3 Station arrested a man, charging him with homicide. The only problem is this innocent man was with another police officer at the time. Red faced BPD officials and Suffolk County DA Daniel F Conley, suddenly “withdrew” the charges. When asked if the charges were brought prematurely, with the cops having the nerve to compliment themselves on “good police work,” because they stopped a wrongful arrest and exposed exculpatory evidence. The cops also stated the standards of “probable cause” were met. If they had done good police work in the first place, the wrong man would have been left alone. He is lucky not to be headed to prison awaiting another overturn in ten or twenty years! It is scary how little it takes to put an innocent person behind bars in Boston; things have not changed as “probable cause” is all in the mind of the cop, and not based on facts.


In January 2007, the new Boston Police Commissioner got the Boston Globe to run an article blaming residents who refuse to talk to the cops as the cause of spreading crime. This typical “blame the victim” approach needs to be seen for what it is. How many innocent people have been beaten and intimidated into talking to rogue Boston cops? How many have served time for crimes they were innocent of, because they said anything at all to the cops? I still say don’t talk to these thugs, they have not proven themselves to be trustworthy. The commissioner was mad because a teenager ordered cops off his land, refusing to talk or answer questions. Well done and very smart, is my comment! Let these cops earn their pay with sweat and well deserved ridicule, contempt and disrespect they deserve. Bring in the state police to clean up this cesspool.


In October 2006 headlines in the Boston Globe et al told the sad tale of massive tampering with drug evidence within the property room as well as stolen drug evidence. This could well be a epidemic that kills thousands of cases as the credibility of any evidence held by The Boston Police is questioned. The Boston Police have just handed the cases to an army of defense lawyers and many cases will have to be dismissed.


In October 2006 Detective Sgt Daniel Keeler is under investigation after a surveillance tape from a Back Bay boutique showed him putting a pair of sun glasses in his pocket during a robbery investigation. This man lead the homicide detectives for over a decade, being involved in wrongful convictions that were overturned by a federal judge. Because the value of the stolen item is less than $250, he might be able to manipulate his way out of felony charges through a court clerk. He is on paid administrative leave pending resolution of the charges.


In July 2006 three Boston cops were busted in one of the worst scandals to rock the department. Officers Robert KikoPulido, Carlos A Pizarro and Nelson Carrasquillo were busted by the FBI after extensive investigations involving wiretaps. AS of this writing they are in federal custody. In September 2007 Pizzaro pled down, facing 24 years in prison, with a minimum of 10 years.  These officers are accused of being involved with even more corrupt officers as this probe expands in scope. Charges include dealing in cocaine and steroids, dealing in prostitution, stealing the IDs of motorists stopped by Pulido, fixing traffic tickets, loansharking and smuggling illegal aliens into the country. Boston Police are to conduct an internal affairs investigation along with the FBI. The city officials called this one of “the worst days in the history of the department.” You are advised to refuse to deal with any Boston cop if possible, and to refuse to give a Boston cop anything you can protect, as these predators are clearly out of control, rivaling New Orleans Police in sinking to the bottom of the barrel. Ask for a real cop in Boston, as State Police are around on the various roadways.


Another innocent man was released 23 January 2004 after spending six and one half years in prison.  Stephen Cowans was freed after DNA and fingerprint evidenced was retested. Boston Police used the fingerprint of another person to gain the original conviction. Until the last minute Suffolk County Assistant DA David E Meier vowed to re-try the case in the face of flawed evidence, but changed his tune on the courthouse steps. The case involved the near fatal assault on Boston Police officer Gregory Gallagher also wrongfully identified Cowans as his assailant. Gallagher, now a detective, still stands by his identification. Boston Police are now looking at an overhaul of their system used to process fingerprint and DNA evidence. Cowans is the 7th person freed in Suffolk County due to sub-standard work by the Boston Police. Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley and Acting Boston Police Commissioner held a late afternoon new conference to express “regret and embarrassment of an innocent man being sent to prison.”


The 8th  innocent person was released in March 2004, falsely arrested and convicted for a kidnapping and rape. Mr. Anthony Powell, 33 spent 12 years in Massachusetts State Prison, freed by DNA. Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley and the Boston Police Commissioner Kathleen O’Toole issued contrived aplogies, and even promised to overhaul the eyewitness identification procedures used by Boston Police. Don’t you believe it! Another case under prosecution (9th) will be dismissed as a serial killer caught in another crime confessed. The charges against William Leydon were for the murder and beheading of his brother resulted from still yet another false arrest by Boston Police. Boston is just interested in the fact they got caught and this police commissioner will supply as much whitewash as needed, at taxpayer expense. Remember you are dealing with armed politicians.


The Boston Police Department is currently being sued following the release of Donnell Johnson after Mr. Johnson served five years in Massachusetts State Prison, wrongfully convicted for the murder of a nine-year-old child. Boston Police deliberately withheld evidence that would clearly indicate the man was innocent and stopped their investigation at that point. A real investigation by federal drug agents turned up the two correct suspects. Detective Sgt. William Mahoney is facing an Internal Affairs hearing for his role in the case. Also named in the $5 million lawsuit is The City of Boston, Detective Sgt Daniel Keeler and Detective James Doyle. The union is strongly defending its members.


In another scandal Patrolman Joesph Lemoure was stripped of his civil service rank and suspended following the beating of a motorist in June 2000, after making an unauthorized motor vehicle stop and failing to notify communications. The innocent motorist suffered jaw injuries after being pulled from his car in a brutal fashion. The union is defending the cop.


Several years ago Boston Police took down the door of the wrong apartment and caused the fatal heart attack of an innocent occupant, a black minister. There have been a number of other incidents over the years as well so beware when dealing with this agency as there are some Jack Boot cops still on the beat.


In May 2004 another overturn on a murder charge against Lawrence Adams has resulted in an order for a new trial. Adams is facing the dearth penalty for another botched Boston Police investigation.


Gerald Amirault was paroled after 18 years in prison and vows his innocence over a child molestation charge. Given the track record of Boston Police of racism, false arrest, false imprisonment and beatings, it is more likely this man is innocent than guilty.


As of June 2004 twelve innocent people have been freed from prison with no thanks to Boston Police, who now rank among the top three worst departments in terms of victims of false imprisonment.


Boston Police are facing still yet more overturns from people in prison wrongly arrested and convicted for gang murders, all the result of the political ambition of a certain former Suffolk County District Attorney. This department has a long history of racism and brutality so beware. I recommend you refuse to talk to any Boston Police officer or willingly submit to them any way you can without the use of the violence these people specialize in.! Demand an explanation for everything and refuse to accept anything you don’t like. File charges against any Boston officer for any contact you consider abusive. These are out of control racist jack booted thugs as indicated by the sheer number of minority innocent people released from prison. If you have a police issue in Boston, get a real cop by calling the State Police. Keep witnesses and do not hesitate to use a citizens arrest of the offending officer (criminal) for kidnapping, unlawful restraint, assault with a deadly weapon, sexual assault or whatever else fits. This department has lost it’s moral authority and public trust and every cop there deserves nothing. Give them what they have coming.



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