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This department is being sued for illegal body and vehicle searches, in federal court, as of September 2009.




In 2011 & 2012 more cops were busted; same old saga.


In 2010 another Hartford cop was busted and fire for beating a person in the lock up last year. See below.


In December 2009 three cops are under investigation for beating up a man in custody, all caught on tape. Officers Rhashim Campbell, Kent Lee and Ly Kevin Ahlquist were named as criminal suspects. Asof November 2010, Rhashim Campbell has been fired and has been arrested while Kent Lee was allowed to “retire.”


On 19 December 2008 another innocent walked free after 20 years in prison, freed by DNA. Racist cops and State’s Attorneys cooked up a “theory” that got this man 20 years even though the FBI Technician testified at his first trial that the DNA didn’t match. This innocent man was taken back to the lock up in one last act of judicial arrogance, then released afterwards. The final court date might be 5 February 2009 when the state will most likely have to drop the charges and release him from a written promise to appear. The state says the prosecutors did no wrong, etc. The Connecticut Innocence Project is reviewing 120 other cases as of December 2008. The Hartford Police or court have not even given apologies either, as talk turns towards damage lawsuits.


In August 2007 $800 turned up “missing” from street two drug busts, by the time the suspects were at the police station for booking. This evidence could break two cases. Also Hartford Police falsely arrested a homeless man when he was talking with another man about a gun, on a city bus. Once they grabbed him and found no gun, they covered their actions with a breach of peace charge. Once released, it was discovered that his two week supply of narcotic medication had “gone missing,” just having been picked up at a drug store legally. Cops in two divisions are “under investigation,” do I see another truckload of Whitewash backing up the Jennings Road Station? Police Chief  Daryl K. Roberts said “misconduct will not be tolerated.” Ha!


In July 2007 Hartford Police were cited by a federal judge for dragging their feet on citizen complaints against officers. There was yet no computerized system in place to track complaints and problem officers.


In May 2007 off duty Officer Mathew Secore was arrested, charged with assault on the nephew of Hartford Mayor Eddie A Perez in a police holding cell. Secore has admitted to beating a man accused of beating up his own brother. A Sergeant and another cop were also disciplined for allowing the beating . Secore has gotten a special form of “accelerated Rehabilitation,” which means the charges will be dropped in one year if he stays out of trouble. A civilian would have gotten at least one year in prison; it pays to be a cop. The only “punishment” he will get will come from the department, he was on desk duty with pay at last report. Why isn’t this criminal in prison. The lawyer used the excuse of the moment, calling Secore a “gentle giant,” who just lost his temper.


In April 2007 headlines in The Hartford Courant screamed in response to the results of an audit over the past year of department property. The agency can’t account for some of it’s 900 guns, rifles, badges, computers and other items. This follows the evidence room scandal where people have charged Hartford Police with theft of property taken during questionable arrests.. Summer is coming too and this begs the question if the Ct State Police will have to come in and take over again, to clean up the city.


In December officers Lt. Brian Foley, former commander of Internal Affairs, and Mathew Rooney were involved in an altercation at the Rock Cafè in Rocky Hill. Witnesses state a partially clad Lt Brian Foley was dancing on a table when it collapsed. A heated arguement ensued and Rocky Hill Police were called. A New Haven officer in the club has come forward as a witness against these two cops. Rocky Hill Police detained these men in a car as they tried to leave the scene. Current HPD Chief Daryl Roberts says an internal investigation is underway. The details of the probe only emerged after officer Roberts initiated an internal probe. Foley is currently head of the juvenile division.


The Hartford Police even lack respect for a child’s dog.  In December 2006 officer John O’Hare shot a St Bernard dog trying to protect a twelve year old child, as the cops entered a back yard without permission or announcing themselves. The cops claim to have been investigating complaints about “guns,” which were never found. The cops further claim the dog lunged at them. This all happened a few days before Christmas. The HPD claims to be investigating. How about trespassing and animal cruelty charges for officer John O’Hare?


In October 2004, two former officers were arrested for falsifying warrants and making false arrests. Former Sgt Franco

Sanzo and Detective Nathaniel Ortiz were arrested. In December 2006 retired Detective Sgt. Franco Sanzo got two

years “accelerated rehabilitation, which  means in two years his record will be erased. Had he been a Massachusetts cop,

the minimum sentence would be five years. These arrests have started a rush of activity by area defense lawyers

to overturncases. The other detective, suspended officer Nanthaniel Oritz, refused to plea down.


In July 2006 a lawsuit was filed over the brutal beatings and false arrests of two men in July 2004 at the Meadows Music Theatre. The felony charges of inciting a riot and assault on an officer were all dropped to non-criminal fines. Charged are former Chief Patrick J Harnett, Detective Gustavo Rodriguez, Sgt Shawn St John, Officer Peter Lynch and Officer Brian Salkeld. A radio station employee lost an eye from misdirected ammunition and is also bringing suit. Hundreds of arrests were made with many charges being dropped for lack of evidence and poor police conduct. Police over-reacted with the force of a goon squad to a few troublemakers getting out of hand at previous concerts. This department is on the same level as New Orleans Police and just can’t sink any lower.


On the front page of the Hartford Courant, dated 12 January 2006, the arrest of Detective Alfred “Nick” Henderson was revealed. Several thousand dollars of “buy money” was discovered missing under improper circumstances, with forged signatures involving 43 withdrawls. As a result a large number of more HPD cases are likely going to be challenged by defense attorneys on the basis of police corruption. Henderson has posted $50,000 bond, and is on suspension. Hartford Police are well known for stealing expensive items of clothing, jewelry and money from people they stop such as perceived gangbangers. Nothing is done with the complaints.


In June 2006 a new trial was ordered for James Calvin Tillman who has served 18 years in CT State Prison for a rape DNA proves he did not commit. Calvin, a homeless black man, has hauled out of a shelter due to a faulted photo line up, and falsely arrested by Hartford Police, long known for their racism. He was free on bail until the (original) prosecutor, Edward Narus, was forced to drop all charges, not saying a word until the last minute. Narus did not apologize to their victim and neither did Hartford Police. We have received reports that indicate Narus forces plea bargains on innocent people and is racist. Hartford Police have assigned a detective to try find the real rapist. In the meantime Hartford Police can’t stop the shootings and another double killing. The CT State Police have stepped in again to regain some control of the streets.


In May 2005 Hartford Police shot and killed without justification an 18 year old black man for “failing to obey police commands,” when they wanted to question two men in a car on a tip for weapons. No weapon was ever found and the car was not stolen. The men might not have been breaking the law although Robert Lawlor tried to claim they tried to run him over and he thought he saw a gun! Lawlor was thrown off a federal task forces years ago and demoted from detective so you go figure. Police officer Robert Lawlor is the shooter according to news sources. An investigation has concluded and the family has vowed the cop “ will not get away with this.” This incident brings to light the real culture of the Hartford Police. The driver of the car was also shot in the chest by this rogue cop. We are told by our local contacts this officer has quite a history. Lets hope this cop goes to prison for his crime. Lawlor was arrested for this death and attempted murder as of June 2006, and trying to raise money for his defense. In a recent court appearance as a criminal defendant Lawlor was confronted by the dead man’s brother and father in a manner so ugly it took a lot of Hartford and State Police as well as court marshals to prevent a riot. The end result was the cop walked.


On the front page of the Hartford Courant dated 9 January 2005, Hartford Police are under fire for identifying Jamie Hoy Jr. as the suspect in a brutal assault on a severely handicapped girl, who lost her arm as a result of the attack. The problem is Mr. Hoy was deported quite some time ago, and was contacted in Columbia, where he has been since being deported from Canada. But Hartford still insisted they have it right, and were forced to “check into it.” The chief admits they “are not infallible.” A real investigation revealed that the mother, Yajaira Rodriguez, lied about the fact her current boyfriend Jose Graciani assaulted the girl. Hartford Police Detective Lt. James Bernier is being forced to go to court to seek the dismissal of the false charges against Mr. Hoy, but not willingly. Had Mr. Hoy not been in Columbia, there is little doubt he would have been just another false arrest victim of the Hartford Police meat grinder, and served a long sentence as an actual innocent. What faux pas will this disgraced “F Troop” commit next? How many innocent people has this Gestapo unit destroyed?


In December 2005 the results of an investigation revealed that three Hartford officers had made false arrests as part of a towing company dispute. Employees of Cross Country Auto were falsely arrested in 2003 and 2004 by officers Marcel Washington, Anthony Martinez, and Michael Velazquez. The charges were dismissed in court as police have no authority over civil cases involving private towing contracts on private property. It was ruled the Hartford Police had overstepped their bounds of authority in victimizing these innocent tow truck operators by kidnapping and falsely arresting these employees without authority. In one case they forced a company employee to open the gates to the tow lot and allow the owner to drive his car away. The motives behind this abuse of authority appear to have been personal on the part of the officers. There is a lawsuit in progress with the individuals looking at more lawsuits as well.


Detective Nathaniel Ortiz made the record number of drug busts in Hartford, and now has opened up  a potential for a

huge number of overturns and lawsuits for false arrest and false imprisonment. The screwed up when they submitted a

false statement to get a warrant, stating Michael Woodard was observed selling drugs in front of his home. Woodard was

in jail at the time. The parents charged cops with searching without probable cause as well as the theft of personal

property from the home. The cops planted a stolen gun and some drugs as well. A judge dismissed all of the charges.

This case appears to be the tip of the iceberg.

This department was under investigation by a joint federal and state task force, for having sex with prostitutes, forcing them to pose nude for photographs, and then letting them go for the night. They are have brought a "Zippergate Scandal" right here to Hartford; they have not learned a thing from Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski! That is only the tip of the iceberg from my research. Recently a federal investigation was conducted for the wrongful arrest of a gang member for murder, with the "suspect" being held after the correct suspect was identified. This is another bunch of cops one is well advised to stay away from. Check out the old articles in the Hartford Courant about past incidents as well, such as Hartford officers charged with armed robbery and sexual assault. Some Hartford officers have been under investigation for murder! One officer pled guilty to sexual assault for handcuffing a woman, taking her to a construction site, and raping her. There have been seven complaints of sexual assault against former and present Hartford Police officers Another officers was convicted on charges of filing a false report related to a chase into Bloomfield, where the suspect was brutally beaten on Bloomfield Police camera, after surrendering. Another officer was cleared for shooting a fourteen-year-old black male in the back. This was been a typical case of slow process if a cop is involved, with the cop getting off. Had a citizen pulled the trigger, an instant arrest would have been made. At this point seven former Hartford officers have been convicted of sexual offenses.


Things are so bad in Hartford that The Connecticut State Police have been brought in several times to help an incompetent, corrupt, and impotent police force stop rampant gang activity in the city. Had some cops not been in collusion with the gang bangers, perhaps things would not have gotten this out of hand. Major news stories document how Hartford Police routinely beat and mistreat innocent citizens, while the city does nothing to stop it


In April of 2004 Officers Maurice Washington and Bryant Moore false arrested a man after finding and turning in a sawed off shotgun to the police. The Hartford Police went to the man’s house in Bloomfield and arrested the man when he refused permission to search his home. An illegal search was made, and while transporting this innocent man to jail at the Hartford Police lockup, the officers engaged in a high speed chase unrelated to this false arrest, causing the innocent victim of police criminal conduct to be thrown around in the back and injured. Upon arrival at HPD, a Sergeant order the release when he realized the man should never have been arrested in the first place. The officers face discipline but have not been suspended or arrested as should be the case. Lawsuits are in the works. See also Bloomfield Police for failing to protect this man in their town against criminal actions by Hartford Police. The charges were dropped the next day by an embarrassed police department.


In August 2004 a million dollar lawsuit was filed against Hartford Officers Kent Lee and Richard Holton as well as Manchester Police for false arrest, harassment and questioning their minor children without consent as well as damage to their property. The charges were dismissed the next day in court, but the federal suit charged a loss of reputation and public humiliation. In September 2006 the cops beat the lawsuit by claiming technicalities, but still face claims for humiliation. These cops will go to any end to cover their brazen misconduct.


This is one department that is beyond being out of control. The staff lack training, discipline, character, oversight or any sense of social responsibility. Run away from these types if you can, and refuse to do any business with these people you can. Your life and freedom is in grave danger by any contact with the Hartford Police Department. Get a state trooper!





In December 2008 the FBI busted 17 cops in this department, as well as The Cook County Sheriffs Department and one Chicago cop for providing security to protect drug dealers. The FBI set up a sting operation in a storefront posing as a business, and the cops came to pay the homage. Then the police corruption grew. Two of the cops are on duty in Afghanistan and will be returned as prisoners to face charges.


HOLLYWOOD Police, Florida


In August 2009 a case emerged where cops framed a woman to take the fall after a cop hit a car, his 7th accident. The cops were dumb enough to talk about it on camera, setting the woman up, lead by Sgt. Andrew Diaz, who was all for helping an officer “in trouble.” An innocent woman spent two days in jail, with the charges dismissed once the DA saw the tape. Now it hit the news media. Involved officers include Joel Francisco, Dewey Pressley, Karim Thomas and Crime Scene Technician  Andrea Tomassi. These cops are under investigation by The Broward County State’s Attorney. Calls have been made for the FBI to investigate.




Homer Police shot an unarmed 73 year old black man to death, in his yard at a family barbeque. The man was in the last few months of his life, suffering from throat cancer. The cops are accused of planting a gun to frame the man, in an attempt to cover racial profiling. The state and FBI are investigating. The victim had only gotten out of his chair to talk to the cops.


HOLYOKE POLICE, Massachusetts


In September 2009, Detective Paul C. Barkyoumb was found to have stolen a cell phone during a drug raid, and used it to text threats to his former girlfriend. A probe by The Connecticut State Police revealed these facts as a restraining order was put on this cop for domestic violence, forcing this cop to desk duty while they work to fire him. A lot of cases will be reviewed and subject to being thrown out. The judge called the cop “absolutely corrupt.” This same department framed an innocent man, Wayne Healy, many years ago. Healy is doing life without parole because he was framed by detectives, with the case on appeal.


In August 2008 three cops remained on suspension for their actions in a bar room fight the past December in Palmer. Officers Joesph H Wilson,  Sean C Shattuck and Timothy D Skwira beat the charges in court on a technicality, but face five day suspensions, which they are appealing. The victim was so badly injured that treatment at the hospital was required. The union is leading the effort to let these cops get off. Why does it take three cops to beat down another drunk? Public employees are held to a higher standard.


This department has been riddled with a long history of false arrests, beatings and racism. In years past they railroaded Wayne Healy, a nurse, into prison for first degree murder when Mr. Healy acted in self defense to save his sister being from being killed by her husband. Appeals are under way 25 years later and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is resisting.




In April 2009 it came to light that an innocent man was wrongfully arrested and held months in jail because of a faulty photo lineup. The Chief of Police has admitted the need for change. The man’s life was almost ruined because of racist cops who surrounded his house and took him to jail without checking the fact he was at work. The Harris County District Attorney dragged it’s feet for months getting the charges dismissed as well.


In December 2008 Officers Bacillo Guzman, Bilberto Cruz and M Martin are under investigation for the beating of Green Bay Packers player Donald Driver. During an arrest for routine traffic warrants, the man was taken to a gas station and beaton. He suffered critical injuries such that the jail doctor ordered him transferred to the hospital. Doctors say the injuries were the result of “blunt force,” and the man suffered head injuries as well as having something pushed down his throat. The injuries are consistent with being kneed in the stomach.


In July 2008 the city paid $1.5 M for the death of a 14 year old boy shot a boy “accidentally” when trying to detain the boy. Former Officer Arthur Carbonneau was convicted of criminally negligent homicide and served 60 days in jail. The cops and the city refuse to apologize or admit any fault.


This department has a long history of extreme racism, false arrests and beatings of thousands of innocent people. Blacks and Mexicans are at high risk here to be profiled. This is a good ole boy town with many bad cops.


Hyattsville, MD Police


Officer Todd O Prawdzik plead guilty to pistol whipping an innocent citizen, who was then falsely arrested. He was assisted in this incident by his identical twin brother, Officer Jeff Prawdzik of the Riverside Park Police had his charges set aside. A federal civil rights lawsuit has been filed. Cops attended the hearings and followed the man’s family around to intimidate the victim of police abuse.




Sheriff Steve Bizzell openly stated in the newspaper that “Mexicans are trashy,” and “All they do is work and make love.” This sheriff is a leading force in the marriage between federal and local cops to speed up deportation. This sheriff has given his deputies the green light to treat Mexicans any way they feel. This county is known for it’s long and close association with the Klan, as well as beatings, false arrests and worse. To top it off he is proud of it, at the top of his voice. But the publicity with his quotes is forcing him to back off just a bit.




The Sheriff and Prison Warden Jannie Donate, three jail security guards, one nurse, one jail doctor and Correction Care Inc are being sued for refusing medical care to an inmate, forced to deliver her child in a jail cell on July 9, 2007. Only after the baby was born was medical attention rendered.




A fifteen yearn old black girl was sentenced to an “indeterminate sentence” after being convicted for pushing a hall monitor, needing to go to the nurses office to get medicine for ADD. A white girl who lit a house on fire was given one year probation by the same judge, but Shaquanda Colton could have served seven years had there been no intervention by numerous outside groups including Al Sharpton. Acting Conservator Jay Kimbough order the girl immediately released. Lamar County DA Gary Young was forced to back off from false claims he had no choice but to send the girl to children’s prison because the mother had refused to cooperate with the terms of probation; a fact found upon review of the court transcript. Now Young is saying the girl should be let go as she had been in jail “too long.” The school system is under investigation by the U S Dept of Education over complaints black children are more harshly punished than white children. The youth prison system is also under investigation for sexual abuse by guards. The prison officials extended her sentence for failing to admit her guilt and having an extra pair of socks in her cell. Anyone who has any knowledge of prison knows how easy it is to write a bogus ticket, knowing the prison officials hold the power to determine a sentence in this case. This power needs to be taken away from patently abusive prison officials who belong in jail. The cases of all 4700 children in custody are going to be reviewed as the system has been placed in receivership as of March 2007.


LANCASTER Police, Pennsylvania


In March 2009 a huge award was paid for a false arrest resulting in a man spending 160 days in jail after Officer Ray M Corll II attempted to illegally take the mans photograph. The man covered his face and was violently assaulted, then taken to jail. The cops can’t take your picture unless you are being charged with a crime, an expensive lesson the city learned the hard way, the mayor admitted. The policy has been changed.




In March 2007 a early morning raid turned deadly as a homeowner thought the cops were criminals. Officer Daniel Tessier was shot and killed by the owner, and in July 2008 the jury found the owner not guilty by reason of self defense. Issues were raised including the lack of clear identification on the officers clothing. The Crown has wisely decided not to appeal the case. A team of nine cops smashed down the door, failing to clearly announce themselves. Public opinion has turned against the cops. Still the cops fail to admit their guilt or mistakes.


LIMA, Ohio Police Kill innocent women & babies


In February 2008 a lawsuit was filed by a man who arrived home to find emergency vehicles parked at his house, Upon asking what was going on, the man was beaton, cuffedm falsely arrested and later released with the charges dropped. Being sued are Allen County High Sheriff Dan Beck, Sgt Randy Mason of the American Township Police, and Chief Ben Kehres of the Elida Police.


In January 2008 the Racist SWAT Team killed and innocent woman and almost killed her one year old son in a drug raid for her boy friend. Sgt Joesph Chavalia has yet to be charged while racial tensions simmer. It looks like a police cover up has been effected by a department long known for racism, beatings, false arrests and corruption. If it wasn’t for the church leaders, there would have been a major riot. But that influence can only last so long, and it’s time to arrest this killer cop and put him on trial like any other criminal. The Ohio AG, Marc Dann  has promised a thorough investigation, while the FBI is involved.




Sheriff Tim Daugherty was indicted in Octover 2009 for obstruction of justice, by ordering the release of a DUI suspect, preventing a deputy from administering a chemical test. It is charged he lied to the NC SBI.




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A bunch of really nasty cops, just when you think you have seen how just how stupid people can be, someone proves that you haven’t seen it all yet.




This department made a false arrest some time back on the charge of driving without a license. By the time they transported Kim Messinger in leg irons and handcuffs they found out she had a valid drivers license. While Ms. Messinger was being held she had to be transported to the hospital for bruises and internal injuries suffered. As a result of the injuries a Hampden County Deputy Courtroom Guard was arrested, and managed to beat the charges. Longmeadow Police are well known for intimidation and harassment such as excessive tickets issued to minority nursing home staff at a local nursing home. This affluent community tolerates this practice, so stay away from these cops.




In February 2006 Police Chief Jay Campbell and his wife, as well as the mayor, were arrested  on charges including burglary of jewelry, manufacturing methaphetamine with intent to set a man up for arrest, and theft of services. The indictment alleges the police chief used inmates to install a sidewalk next to his pool, and refurbish his party barge. The chief’s wife was accused of providing drugs to inmates and having sex with them. The mayor was arrested on associated charges. All involved are on suspension pending the outcome of the trial.




In August 2009 a federal judge overturned a conviction of a man convicted on false evidence following sloppy work by LAPD when he was 17. The man is now 44 and the DA has to decide to retry the case or let him go free. The man found his mother murdered and had called Paramedics.


In May 2009 the story emerged how LAPD turned it’s guns on one honest cop, falsely labeling his home as a “drug house.” They lied to get a warrant and came calling in the middle of the night, holding the cop six hours while neighbors watched the LAPD bring in digs and tear the place apart. LAPD then left, and Internal Affairs cleared the cops, so he sued. The jury said the cops were wrong. The cops call it an “unfortunate mistake.” Charged in the lawsuit for civil rights violations were Capt William Hayes, Detective Mark Morgan and Officer Jason Lekam. The good cop can’t collect damages on a technicality. He can’t wait to retire either.


In February 2009 the city agreed to pay almost $13 million to the victims of police brutality at the May Day melee after cops went crazy causing many injuries and making false arrests.


In November 2008 a jury awarded $3.6 million to an officer who stood up to his supervisor when one of his fellow officers was sexually harassed in a brutal fashion by male officers. Officer Donald Bender lost all his rank and was kicked out of the K9 unit as a result. This is the second multi-million dollar award in the past three months as well. The officer lost half his pay and had to re-finance his house as a result of retaliatory measures he suffered. The female officer will soon get her jury decision as well.


In late 2008 the long parade of actual innocents added another man when LA County Prosecutors refused to retry a man who spent 10 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Prosecutors were forced against the pressures of police to relent and go with the facts; “Just the facts.”


In October 2008 LAPD admitted in a confidential report that innocent people might have been falsely implicated in crimes due to poor quality of work within the fingerprint lab. The bottom line is innocent people were falsely arrested and possibly sent to prison as a result, as not everyone can afford independent fingerprint experts. One expert was fired and others disciplined but nothing else has been done.


In July 2008 three cops were placed on leave for lying under oath in a drug case recently dismissed in court. The videotape contradicted the testimony of the cops. A Chino cop, Evan Samuel, previously a LAPD cop, was placed on leave. LAPD Officer Richard Amio also testified in the trial. Both are under investigation.


In May 2007 LAPD used violence to the level that was openly condemned by Mayor Villaraigosa, against immigration protestors and news reporters. LAPD fired rubber bullets into a crowd that included children. The FBI has opened an investigation into civil rights violations. One TV reporter suffered a fractured wrist, ankle injuries and injuries to her breasts from a police baton. Lawsuits are in the pipeline already. Sixty cops were pulled off the streets by Chief William Bradton stating “I am not going to defend the indefensible.” The impact of the action to follow will be “career impacting” as well for these officers.


The fallout from the brutal beatings in May continues with demotions and public outrage. The culture of “We know better and No One Tells Us Better” is being challenged by the new chief, William Bratton. The huge job of changing attitudes in this “goon squad” is underway and will take years at the least as LAPD officers are known to laugh at policies and supervisors, openly stating “the ends justify the means.” As soon as corrective action is taken, LAPD cops seem to :forget.” If you have any grounds, sue anyone LAPD cop you can to help improve their “memory.”


In March 2007 LAPD paid $320,000 to a man framed and falsely arrested for a murder that occurred in May 2003. Juan Catalan was captured on film by HBO at a Dodgers game with his daughter. He was held in jail five months until a judge ordered him released as his cell phone had been used by him at the ball park, as well as film by HBO. The film almost was thrown out as it was edited out, but was salvaged. LAPD targeted Catalan because he had testified in a prior murder trial involving his brothyer. He thought he would never see his daughters again.  Now someone else is going to trial for the murder that occurred twenty miles from the ball park. At the same time LAPD agreed to pay $150,000 in an charge of excessive force case in which an innocent man was shot to death in what was labeled a “problem shooting” from the very first.


In July 2005 Los Angeles Police shot at a man holding his 19 month old daughter hostage. Jose Pena was having problems with depression according to his wife Lorena Lopez. The mother pleaded with officers not to fire because the girl was being held hostage. Police fired leaving the father and daughter, Susie Lopez, dead in the aftermath. An investigation is underway to match the bullet to the shooter. This case has sparked a huge controversy in Los Angeles as the police department has a long history of racism, false arrest, brutality and killings. The cops were cleared of criminal charges in this shooting by the rubber stamp court system.


We have all heard of the numerous people released from California prisons after the corruption from the Rampart Division scandal surfaced, when LAPD tortured and framed innocent citizens. Then there was Rodney King. This department has a longstanding history of corruption, racism, false arrest, false imprisonment, planting drugs, and killing innocent people. It has not abated as evidenced by the false arrest of a man for murder. A real investigation by CBS showed the man was at a baseball game as he was filmed on camera by CBS. LAPD stilled tried to railroad this man, but he is lucky not to be on death row, in spite of the LAPD. This department is one of the worst in the USA along with Boston, Philadelphia, New Orleans and Chicago. Avoid this goon squad at any intelligent cost if you are smart. You are advised not to answer questions or provide and help as you might find yourself falsely arrested. 


Los Angeles County Sheriff, California


In August 2007 LA Sheriff’s Guards and Immigration are under fire for illegally deporting a U S Citizen after serving twenty days for trespassing. The mentally challenged  man told them he was born in California. Now he has been given permission to re-enter the USA while jailed, but is in rock physical shape after living on the streets of Mexico, while family tried to tell the authorities the facts, and were ignored. The ACLU showed his birth certificate and finally things started to happen. The judge ordered him freed from jail, finally. The man will require a lot of medical care, and a huge civil rights lawsuit has been filed. Country and federal officials say they “acted properly.”


The fall out from the Rampart scandal continues after millions of dollars were paid to a huge number of people falsely arrested and imprisoned by these “kick ass groupthink” cops. Several cops were convicted from these scandals including an innocent man who was shot and paralyzed, with a gun planted on him. The U S Dept of Justice supervision has been renewed, costing $50,000,000 each year to oversee a goon squad gone wild. Many cases were reviewed and tossed, on the grounds of police corruption. Many more cases are pending for damages etc.

It was discovered the Sheriff held a man for 300 days in violation of a judge’s order, under false imprisonment. They claim it was fouled up paperwork that caused the problem. Perhaps they might do well to hire literate deputies. Now I realize the qualifications to be a deputy sheriff aren't challenging, but the safety of the public is now at stake. The man protested many times, being ignored by deputies until day 300 when they offered him $9000 to settle. He didn't, and the Sheriff is now a defendant in federal court. But at least he lived to get out.

A woman was falsely arrested on a warrant for another person and held ten days. She protested her innocence. The lawyer for the real subject of the warrant even told the Sheriff and court three times there was a mistake. The woman was told at least twice she would be released, only to continue to be held. She hung herself on day ten, and died in the hospital. The Sheriff claims immunity as an officer of the state. Other people have died in custody with no one being held accountable.


LOWELL POLICE, Massachusetts


Police Superintendent Edward Davis now must explain why an innocent man spent 19 years in prison for three rapes DNA proves he didn’t commit. Poor eye witness identification which was a part of the investigation lead by then police officer Edward Davis lead to the convictions. Davis has refused any comment while District Attorney Martha Coakley had very little to say and failed to even apologize. Legal action is pending. This police department has other issues I have heard a bit about including bully cops and other allegations of false arrest. Stay away from this crowd!




In January 2011, the department was forced to terminate Detective Crystal Marlowe after five false arrests were proven, with some people spending many months in jail for crimes that were committed when they were out of town or even in custody. Sloppy overzealous work habits were blamed. There are about 50 cases being looked at for more problems. There are a large number of civil rights lawsuits pending against Chief White and Crystal Marlowe.


In October 2009 an innocent man was cleared of murder from a botched investigation that including forcing a “confession.”  The department reviewed itself and had to admit wrong doing as the real killer was indicted.


This department has one of it’ officers on trial for murder as of March 2004 for the shooting death of a black many by a white officer. The victim was shot in the back according to reports. Civil rights leaders charge this department with a number of other similar shootings, with racial tensions running high after this latest shooting. The suspended officer, McKenzie Mattingly, risks twenty years to life in prison if convicted.




Former Chief David Yates plead guility to several counts of false imprisonment and forced sex with local women. This man forced women to have sex, threatening to have children removed by Youth Services, and offering help in a DUI case for her husband. This case is the tip of the iceberg according to locals who say this agency is trash.





In January 2008 a number of cops are facing criminal charges for encounters with prostitutes while on duty. Officer Bernard Durgin and Sgt Timothy Heiden were mentioned at the Police Commission meeting. Town residents are not taking this well, citing a loss of credibility from this affair. Officer Mathew Sterling was fired on sexual misconduct charges from incidents at Fantast Modeling, a “massage parlor” in Bridgeport. Officer Bernard Dugan was fired as well, with Sgt Heiden also having been fired. Four cops have been fired in a scandal that has rocked this town as 20% of the force was fired. The confidence of the town’s residents is gone as well.




This department has a long history of false arrest and convicting innocent people. Anthony Hicks was convicted in 1991 of a rape DNA freed him on after many years in prison.


Now another overturn as Ralph Armstrong is ordered a new trial in a brutal murder DNA says he did not commit. The prosecutor plans to retry the man after almost two decades in prison. As of August 2005 he is still serving a sentence in state prison after an overturn.


This department has issues with racial profiling and sloppy police work.


Manchester Police, Connecticut


In April 2009 Richard LaPointe gained a ruling for a new trial. In July 2007, Richard LaPointe is lost a shot at a new trial, after spending fifteen years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. I have met this man, who is a mentally retarded individual, very kind and gentle. Detectives grilled him into signing three confessions, which he recanted after hours without food or rest. Now it comes out his original public defender ignored exculpatory evidence and did a third rate job of defending this man, who was with his wife at the time someone robbed and killed one of his family members, setting the house on fire. The case largely hinges on how quickly the house burned. The fire marshall never determined this, but even the police account puts a big hole in their own case as LaPointe most likely was somewhere else. There are serious questions about witnesses lying to the police, and the defense attorney not confronting them. LaPointe’s physical condition prohibits the dexterity and coordination required to have done the crime. Stand by for more updates as this will tear the town apart. This case raises questions about the credibility of former Detective Michael Ludlow, who interrogated LaPointe.


Manchester Police arrested an innocent man charging him with dragging one of their officers with a car. Due to the recent false arrest by East Hartford Police of another innocent man for bank robbery, and his release after spending eight weeks in jail after the news broke. Manchester Police rushed to find a judge to reduce the bail of this innocent man to avoid adverse publicity.


We hear many other complaints of false arrest by Officer LeDuc and others. The Connecticut State Police arrested Sgt LeDuc in May for DUI after an accident on I-84.. He refused to take a blood alcohol or breath test, yet DMV refuses to revoke his driver’s license. Sgt LeDuc refused to answer any questions and hired a lawyer to get him off. He was on administrative duty until he slimed his way out of jail time. He has since “retired” with a pension. This is a department you need to avoid if you can.


Manchester Police and former Chief Gerald Apointe, as well as officers David Ellsworth and Sgt. Jeffrey Lampson are being sued along with Hartford Police for two false arrests where charges were dismissed the next day in court. The victims of these police criminals are seeking one million dollars in damages for having questioned their minor children without consent, damage to their property and false arrest for loss of their reputation. This is a goon squad that is out of control.


In November 2004 Officer Ryan Case of Windsor was arrested for theft of highly controlled narcotic medication from a citizen, and is currently on paid suspension. More charges are pending.


MANITOWOC SHERRIFF, Two Rivers, Wisconsin


Steve Avery was convicted for murder by this same case after his release from prison for a rape he did not commit. There are many questions about the case and Mr. Avery denies any guilt. Officers have been charged with planting new evidence as revenge for the $36M lawsuit filed over the first case. Given the dishonor and problems with this cop shop, we feel a reasonable doubt exists and the man should be freed.


Steve Avery spent 18 years in prison for a rape he did not commit, after having been wrongfully accused of running the wife of a deputy off the road. DNA evidence freed him, and a major lawsuit against the county, District Attorney, and former Sheriff is in progress as of February 2005. A major factor was the inept fashion the Sheriff’s Office conducted a line up, steering the woman towards Avery because they remember having a run in over the false accusation of the road incident. In spite of sixteen witnesses the wrong man was convicted. The DNA found the right assailant who was in prison serving 60 years on another sexual assault. As a result of going to prison his wife divorced him, and his family refused to write to him.


This department is known as a northern style “good ole boy” network that would rival the KKK counties in the south, complete with a lot of false arrests and arrogant, poorly trained and disciplined deputies.




Mr. Eric Sarsfield spent  almost ten years in prison for a rape he did not commit, because local police pointed his picture out in a book to the victim. Even though the victim expressed doubt about having picked out the wrong man, he went to jail. The city settled for two million dollars to spare the city going into bankruptcy, and a federal judge awareded him thirteen million dollars that he might never see. The man’s life is destroyed and has medical addiction problems directly the result of false imprisonment.


On top of that his name remained on a sex offender list after DNA cleared him, and a Bolton Police officer ordered him to register as a sex offender or face arrest. The bully cop should have used his computer to verify the overturn, but was too lazy.


Shame on these uniformed predators more interested in closing a case than doing their job right. They caused the ruin of an innocent man’s life, and trauma to the rape victim as well. The city has cheated him out of eleven million dollars claiming it can’t pay. That man is owed, so why not close down the cop shop and sell it off, letting the state police come in. At least there would be real cops on the job. Sell off the town hall, take the pensions of the cops who did this disgusting thing. Shut down and seize all other city property except the fire department, and sell it all off. How about a time payment plan at 21% interest? This town needs to be punished and not wiggle it’s way out of it’s debts.




In nationwide press on 21 January 2006, it was reported the home of Police Chief Stephen Stewart was burned as several people broke into his house. This happened several hours after a suspect died in police custody. Clarence Walker, 48, died after being sprayed with Pepper Spray. The officers called the chief when Walker stopped breathing. Chief Stewart then drove the suspect to the hospital.  There is controversy if proper medical care was rendered on the scene. The brother of the dead suspect, James Jackson charged the cops were angered by Walker often running away from them, and that the police chief had let be known around town that his officers would arrest Walker “dead or alive.” The most dangerous weapon many cops carry is a “cocked tongue.”


The two arresting officers, Brandon Williams and Anthony Taylor were placed on suspension and under criminal investigation, with outside officers from Macon County Sheriff’s Office assuming the duties of the department in the immediate aftermath of the incident. Anthony Taylor was fired from his position in a near by police department for lying during an internal investigation. The Georgia State Bureau of Investigation and FBI are part of the investigation. The Chief’s house was destroyed and his family has been moved for their own safety. This incident raises many issues. The bottom line is when the fabric of public safety is so thin and mob rule against the police is so easily aroused, we are all in trouble. Georgia is a state with a long history of corrupt and sub-standard cops. This needs to change. Maybe some good can come out of this ugly incident, if there is any integrity in Georgia state government. As of July 2006 both suspects (officers) have resigned from the police force. The Grand Jury did not charge the suspect officers. A lawsuit is likely, and community activists are not happy, planning more action.


MARYLAND STATE POLICE George Orwell style cops


In October 2008 this agency agreed to remove the names of 53 human rights activist from federal data bases where they were falsely listed as “terrorists.” Maryland State Police Superintendent Terence B Sheridan  admitted a “big mistake” had been made.


In July 2008 the story broke about several years of undercover spying by this department of activists groups opposed to the death penalty, and the war on Iraq. Police even entered the names of some terrorists into data bases listing activists as drug dealers and terrorists when no evidence existed of any wrong doing. This is the kind of abuse the FBI practiced years ago during the civil rights movement. The ACLU in Baltimore has brought a lawsuit, and is trying to get the names of innocent citizens removed from terrorist watch lists and criminal data bases for legal expression of opinion under free speech.




This agency was the subject of headlines in The Boston Globe on 22 April 2007 when it was revealed a man was held four years beyond his sentence because of a “computer error.” The computers were not able to correctly calculate a sentence. The error was discovered by the Boston Globe, and the man released after manual calculations were made. Now the DOC wants to meet with this man to discuss his legal options.


Thirteen other inmates had various lengths of false imprisonment imposed on them as well. Lawsuits are in the works.


MELROSE PARK POLICE, Illinois Al Capone’s modern day boys


A federal grand jury indicted former police chief Vito R Scavo, for forcing private businesses to use his private security companyt, then using village cops, squad cars and offices to run the business for his own benefit from 1996 to 2006. Scavo has been charged with RICO, extortion, obstruction of justice, tax fraud and more. It is charged local businesses were put in fear of “negative consequences” if they failed to hire his company, DOD Security Consultants and IFPC Worldwide Inc. Also charged in the 28 count indictment were Deputy Police Chief Guy Montino, Officer Guy Ric Cervone, Officer Mickey Caliendo, James Caputo, Michael Wynn, and German Cepeda.




Clark Jerome McMillan served 22 ½ years for a rape DNA cleared him on. Another black man was set up by racist cops and sloppy ID procedures. Tennesse refuses to compensate the man as there is no law to allow for this. This department has a long history going back to the KKK era of racism, false arrest, beatings and killings.


MERIDEN POLICE, CT and CT Dept Family Services


In August 2006 the CT State Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional part of the states Risk of Injury to a Minor Law, vacating a 2003 felony conviction against Judith Scruggs. Her twelve year old son committed suicide. Meriden Police falsely arrested Ms. Scruggs for “poor housekeeping” even though CT DCFS had visited the home just a few days prior, and were only going to find a new school for her son who had some problems with being bullied. Ms. Scruggs lost her two jobs, had to perform community service, and hopes to get a job now that her felony conviction has been overturned. CT DCFS has a long history of mistakes, false charges against parents and more. This state has become full of bad laws and bad officials that go over the top.  I am sure that a lawsuit will follow for lost income and loss of reputation due to this unjust arrest and conviction.  It is only fitting.




A man spent many years in prison for a rape DNA says he did not do. In typical Georgia Judicial arrogance, they are thinking about giving him $700,000 over twenty years, on the condition his is not convicted of another felony. The man has it due, no conditions are moral or legal. Since it is the state legislature passing a bill to authorize reimbursement, they think they can do what they want.




In March 2009 it was revealed in the press that over 1000 cops in this agency continue to work, even after getting criminal records themselves. Sir Robert Peel would roll over in his grave to learn of this corruption.


In October 2008 The Mayor of London ordered an investigation into the “Bobbies.” Complaints of black racism from within the force and civilians. Chief Ian Blair was forced to step down after many grossly abusive incidents including the murder of the Brazilian electrician in 2005. Many lawsuits are in progress as well.


Scotland Yard and London’s “Bobbies” have lost their image as a professional and world class police agency after the July 7th 2005 shooting of an unarmed innocent man. In the aftermath of terrorist bombings in London’s subway, officers followed an electrician on his way to work. Jean Charles de Menezes, a native of Brazil was shot seven times in the head. There are now questions as to the accuracy of reports of this innocent murder victim having worn a “bulky coat.” To date no action no action has been taken against the two cops who murdered this innocent man, although the head of The Metropolitan Police, Sir Ian Blair has finally accepted responsibility by the police for this unlawful and barbaric act. A report is expected out by the end of 2005. Expect a whitewash folks.


Metropolitan Police Department, Washington, DC

In December 2009 Officer Reginald Jones was charged with being the lookout in a robbery that ended in the death of a victim. A woman came to his cruiser begging for help, but Jones drove away. Jones was charged with felony murder.


The history of shootings of unarmed innocent citizens by poorly trained police with powerful Glock semi-automatics has raised alarm bells in the nations capitol. This is one place where "driving while black" is not just enforced by police, but is becoming more fatal. Check out the Washington Post for the long list of dead citizens. This department has even hired a significant number of criminals, with one officer having received his acceptance letter while serving time in jail. What next?




I am receiving complaints of abuse by these agencies using arrest warrants as a legal excuse to raid the homes of friends and relatives, complete with aiming drawn weapons at children. These reports include threatening parents with taking children away if the information requested as demanded by these cops, is not provided. There are reports of threats of arrests for various other things, and “tossing” the houses during illegal searches, as well as cuffing innocent relatives. These raids that target persons of color, are reportedly being led by Sgt. Gustavo Sanchez of The Miami Beach Police. When complaints were made to Sgt. A. J. Prieto of Miami Beach Internal Affairs, it was one big joke, and no action was taken.


The Miami City and Dade County departments made Sixty Minutes some time ago over the conviction obtained by illegal means of a Spanish man for sexual assault. The police were charged with illegal search of the mans house, and using a one-way mirror in the court house to taint the victims identification of the suspect, as well as an illegal and tainted line up. Luis Diaz was cleared by DNA in August 2005, frail and in poor health, and finally freed from prison after serving 26 years. He was not freed before being forced to spend hours at the county jail. The very least they could have done was release him on the spot, but Florida law enforcement would not understand this basic humane practice. This police department is known nationally for it’s practice of racial profiling, false arrest, beatings and more. This is one big good ole boy club of jack booted thugs per the locals I work with. Former U. S. Attorney General Janet Reno prosecuted this case and has refused to comment. This was one the very first people listed by me on the early editions of this web site, for which I received years of unjust criticism from many cops. What do these critics have to say now?


More charges of false arrest and racial profiling emerged in April 2004 with the questionable arrest of a black man who happens to be a nationally known athlete.




In September 2009, a man freed 13 years after being framed for murder is suing after DNA overturned the case. Police coerced false testimony and suppressed evidence according to the federal civil rights lawsuit.


Three former and current officers were found guilty July 2007 in federal court for the beating of Frank Jude Jr., in what was described as a beating you would not give your worst enemy. At a party the beating resulted over the alleged theft of a badge from one of the cops. Although they beat the charges in state court, Officers Jon Bartlett, Andrew Spengler, Daniel Masarik and Ryan Packard were charged with civil rights violations and assault, facing twenty years in federal prison. Other former officers have already pleaded guilty to federal crimes in the case and are expected to testify. Packard beat the federal charges but remains on suspension.




In August 2009 a man was punching and kicking a man for a speeding charge, all captured on the car video. The FBI is investigating. All charges against the victim of the police beating were dropped.




Go to for a site specific to this department.


In January 2007 it was revealed that this department caused the Sheriff to false arrest, wrongfully imprison and make homeless a man from Nashville, Tennessee because they failed to run fingerprints. Tommie Rice spent the holidays in jail only to be freed when they ran his fingerprints. Sheriff Raymond M Kight then shipped the man to a homeless shelter instead of giving him a ride home. The man lost his job at a Children’s Hospital and his relatives were trying to raise money to get him home. Then Sheriff Kight said he would “make an effort to get Rice home.” As of the next day the man got a ride home paid for by petty cash from the Sheriff’s Office.


MORGAN COUNTY SHERIFF, Alabama Starves inmates on poor diet


High Sheriff Gregg Bartlett was ordered jailed by a federal judge after pocketing over $200,000 from monies intended to feed inmates, while inmates were given less than $1.75 per day in food. Inmates often had to buy food with their own money from the jail store. The sheriff has agreed to improve things and mend his ways after a night in jail. These violations went on for years, with some inmates losing 50 pounds or more while in jail. Alabama law actually allows this abusive practice! According to dietitians, the portions of food were “woefully inadequate to meet the normal appetite of adult males.”




In late July 2008 Actual Innocent Thomas Arthur came within hours of being executed, for the third time. A confession by another inmate halted the execution. The DA is being forced to examine DNA evidence and the confession in this case tainted with witnesses that have changed their stories, bumbling good ole boy cops and judicial political arrogance. The man has sat on death row for 26 years and might get out in the next year or two, depending on how much States Attorney Troy King wants to try to defend his mistakes in an obvious gross miscarriage of justice. Expect him to try at all costs as this is common today. Many DA’s want these cases to drag on hoping the actual innocent will die first. Legal experts say the case is likely to be lost by the state.




See the section for Montgomery County, MD Sheriff for the abduction of Tommie Rice because Nashville cops were too dumb to run fingerprints, and extradited asn innocent man to Maryland, for three weeks of false imprisonment.


NASSAU COUNTY Police, New York


In September 2009 four innocent men spent days in jail because police failed to properly investigate a false claim of rape. The men reported being treated like animals and being threatened with “25 years in prison,” by overzealous cops. The cops held press conferences and released photos to slime the character of these innocent men. Sgt Anthony Repalone and Detective Steven Skrynecki has refused to apologies or any meaningful explination for the misconduct of the department.




 After the screening of a documentary, Unconstitutional: The War on Our Civil Rights, the head of the Nebraska ACLU was accosted by two state troopers. The film that criticizes the Patriot Act, criticizes the assault on civil liberties by President George Bush and Attorney General John Ashcroft. One state trooper, Greg Vandenberg, falsely identified himself as an “FBI Agent,” and attempted to intimidate Mr. Blitz. This trooper and his partner, Norb Liebig, were attending the screening sponsored by the ACLU. Charges have been filed by the ACLU official. I would point out it is a federal offense to impersonate an FBI agent, and this trooper knew better as he is sworn to uphold and protect the law instead of violating it. Normally the Nebraska State Patrol is known as the Gestapo of the highways according to truckers I know. I have heard stories about illegal searches and threats by state troopers in Nebraska. Be careful in the Cornhusker State as the level of discipline and standards of conduct displayed by troopers tells the real story.





This department is being sued because a man innocently spent six months in a maximum security prison under 23 hour lockdown, convicted of a sex crime. Chief Michael Kehoe and other officers refused to run a fingerprint, deal with conflicting descriptions, and threatened a library page with arrest unless she identified Michael Seri. Mr. Seri has gotten an overturn but the police and courts refuse to apologize. The town’s First Selectman is still backing the cops too. There are now calls for starting the strict screening of evidence in Connecticut, something that has been lacking. The case was overturned because a relative, an FBI Agent, did his own investigation and exposed many flaws in the police case. Upon release Mr. Seri was a Registered Sex Offender listed on the Internet, and couldn’t even return to his apartment because his probation officer barred him due to the landlord having a child. Mr. Seri had to sleep in his car until a friend got him an apartment. The prosecutor tried to pressure Mr. Seri into pleading guilty. To his credit, Mr. Seri stood up to these arrogant police and state’s attorney. I would bet they will never live down this gross abuse of human rights! Avoid this department any way you can and get a State Trooper instead.




The new Bristol County DA stands accused of playing politics in conducting a witch hunt against a man cleared years ago as a suspect in a murder. They dug through the man’s back yard with a backhoe, and sent DNA to the state police lab. Bristol County DA Samuel Sutter stands accused of causing this man to lose his job once the word of the digging got out. This man has been harassed by police for years and can’t make a living as an attorney due to false charges of drug possession and even neglecting a cat. Another suspect committed suicide during the probe. It’s time to vote this DA out of office for gross abuse of authority and wasting tax money during a budget shortfall.


New Haven Police, Connecticut UNDER FBI RADAR


In 2011 & 2012 more cops were busted out. More of the same.


In 2010 two men were freed after many years in prison, having been railroaded by these cops.


In February 2010 Assistant Chief Peter Reichard resigned after a complaint that alleged Reichard threatened a news reporter with arrest. The news reporter wrote a less than flattering article on the department, and received a threatening email as a result. Three days after being stripped of his badge and gun, Reichard resigned.


In August 2009 an innocent man was released from prison after DNA cleared him of a murder charge, having spent 20 years in prison.  This at the time  when the sexual assault trial of Officer Anthony Maio is getting underway.


In January 2009 DNA evidence and fingerprints emerged indicating that two men are sitting in prison having been framed by this department. The fact has emerged that a witness lied as well because police threatened her with jail. Assistant States Attorney James Clark has verbally fought with the defense attorney, having prosecuted the case. This case could take at least another year to clear up.


In December 2008 Officer Dennis O’Connel is being sued in federal court for illegal strip searches and brutal beatings. The officer has at least eight prior complaints on file, which is actually considered excessive.


In November 2008 a falsely arrested man filed a federal lawsuit after being forced to spend time in prison and plea down to charges based on drugs planted in an apartment he was visiting. The now disbanded drug unit described in the following paragraphs was responsible for his false arrest and false imprisonment.


In January 2008 Former Detective and federal inmate Jose R Silva was sentenced to 90 days in federal prison for civil rights violations and theft of government property in handling bribes and controlled substances.


In April 2007 a federal indictment was issued against Detective William White, and Detective Justen Kasperzyk, both are now in federal prison. The New Haven Police Dept has been forced to disband it’s narcotics unit and turn cases over to the Ct State Police, as these two busted cops ran that unit. Several bail bondsmen were indicted as well. Robert Jacobs, Paul Jacobs and Phillip Jacobs were paying these cops to track down people who had skipped bail. They are facing twenty years prison time as well.


In March 2007 39 year veteran Detective William “Billy” White was busted by the FBI for taking bribes set up as an elaborate sting operation to protect drug dealers. He was caught on camera taking $27,500 in a bag of FBI money. This bust is a part of a bigger investigation to stop rogue cops in the New Haven area stealing from drug dealers and rounding up people for bailsmen. Four others were busted at the same time. White is being held without bail as a flight risk, in segregation.


In December 2006 Detectives Benjamin Alme and West Haven Detective Marvin Kasowitz were served federal court papers for the false arrest of Rev. Walter Oliver, over the use of ordinary spanking two boys in 2001. The spanking, done with a belt in 2001 resulted in the reporting to DCF, and with all charges being dropped as this is a normal practice within that church. The two boys weren’t injured or bruised either.

This department was ordered by a federal jury to pay two women $30,000 for false arrest. These two women were falsely arrested on the grounds of knowing a suspect. During the false arrest, the women were cuffed and thrown to the ground. The federal jury made it clear they would not tolerate "guilt by association." The department has made no comment or filed any appeals. In another case New Haven Police falsely arrested a man for murder, and paid over $1,000,000 in damages.




In November 2008 overzealous deputies used a stun gun on a wanted man while he was serving as a pall bearer, while loading a coffin into a hearse. In the process one of the deputies gun fell out of his holster. The result was chaos, almost causing the coffin to fall to the ground. Sheriff Chief Deputy Ed McMahon said the plan was to wait until after the cemetery service. An apology was issued. The deputies also pointed Tasers at the group of mourners.


New Jersey State Police

Check out the charges of racial profiles used to select candidates for motor vehicle stops on The New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway. A black state official was pulled over for no legitimate reason. Check out The New York Times and other news sources on this department. This department has been charged on many occasions with enforcing the "driving while black" standard, and should be avoided at all costs. Even troopers are now coming forward to speak up about the corruption. The New Jersey State Police has entered into a consent decree with the Justice Department, which should give you an idea they how guilty they are of civil rights violations. Recently damages of $13 million were paid to four black men pulled over and shot on The New Jersey Turnpike, with the trooper now facing attempted murder charges


New Milford Police Department, Connecticut

Patrolman Smith has pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter, in the shooting death of an unarmed suspect. The medical examiner determined the suspect’s hands were behind his neck when he was shot, The ex-cop/convict was out on $250,000 bond awaiting appeal, convict Smith has reported to prison for five years Yet the police chief and his coworkers have vowed to defend Smith. The State's Attorney stated that this is a case of deliberate shooting. If a civilian did the same thing, you can bet they would be in jail on the spot. Another member of this same department was convicted of motor vehicle manslaughter in the death of a young woman while driving his cruiser. He will see no jail time! There is a double standard here folks! If the blue wall of silence is not broken, even more trust with the public will be lost.




In 2011 & 2012 more cops went to prison for crimes including muders during Hurricane Katrina.


As of December 2010, twenty former NOPD officers are in prison for Katrina related human rights violations.

In March 2010 former lieutenant Michael Lohman pleaded guilty to the cover of in the investigation of the shootings of innocent citizens following hurricane Katrina. More investigations with the FBI in the lead are underway. Four officers pleaded guilty to cover ups of deadly police shootings during Katrina. Robert Barrios, Marion David Ryder, Jeffrey Lehmann and others are now in prison. As of December 2010 David Warren, George McRae and Lt Travis McCabe are inmates.


In March 2009 NOPD fired a cop for doing the right thing. A cop tended to an injured man instead of opening fire on a possible suspect after hearing what sounded like gunshots. This is the culture of NOPD, shoot first and assess later, don’t worry, you will be covered no matter what you do.


On January 1, 2009 nine cops surrounded a vehicle of an innocent black man, and opened fire, killing him. They are claiming he shot first, as he had a legal permit for a pistol. The man was a honor student and had no record, and was probably mistaken by the drug squad. The FBI is investigating. It looks like the same old style from before Hurricane Katrina, crooked cops covering up another mistake; or was it another racist execution? Demands are being made to arrest the assailants, but no action so far.


In November 2008 New Orleans Superintendent Warren Riley was forced to admit that cash in the evidence room is missing. When the money was ordered returned by a judge, the cops couldn’t find $19,003 of the $35,903 they seized. So far no one is admitting to anything and an investigation is underway. The department claims it might be just mislaid after it’s move to a new building following Hurricane Katrina. Do you believe that? Now they are going to put more locks as well as adding cameras for the first time.


In 2008 The City of New Orleans offered victims of false arrest $85,000 to settle their federal civil rights lawsuit in the set up in a raid at Russel’s Tire Shop. Detectives planted drugs and money. The detectives involved in the case, Steven Payne and Earl Razor, falsified a search warrant. Their case fell apart after they themselves were busted. The cops raided the shop and beat up one of the owners when they found nothing.


In July 2007 the autopsy report on Danny Brumfield indicates the man was shot in the back, as he had been sleeping near a police car in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The DA has ruled the death justifiable homicide. The officer was standing right behind the man when he was shot. The family has filed a lawsuit against NOPD. Officer Ronald Mitchell who fired the shot was later fired by NOPD following a domestic violence issue with his wife. He now works as a security guard in a strip club.


As of June 2006 Governor Blanco ordered the National Guard and Louisiana State Patrol into the city to take back control of the city from armed criminals making a mockery of NOPD. It seems NOPD was too busy looting car dealerships and engaging in other criminal acts to do their job.


In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, NOPD shot an unarmed mentally retarded black man in the back, falsely arresting his brother Lance Madison who spent six months in jail after watching his brother die. An outside pathologist hired by CNN brought in the proof that NOPD shot Ronald Madison in the back, and still are lying in claiming this innocent man was a “shooter on the bridge.” A grand jury indicted seven NOPD thugs for murder or attempted murder. Officers Kenneth Brown, Robert Faulcon, Robert Gisevilus and Anthony Villaavaso were charged with first degree murder and now face the death penalty. Officers Robert Barrios and Michael Hunter were charged with attempted first degree murder. Officer Ignautis Hills was charged with attempted second degree murder. Two people were killed and six shot in the incident where no gun was found. A police Sergeant has contradicted the testimony of the seven indicted cops, as well as autopsy findings. In August 2008 the cops beat the charges! But in 2008 the feds are opening a civil rights investigation.


It’s business as usual after NOPD assaulted an Associated Press cameraman filming a false arrest and beating on Bourbon Street in October 2005. Three white cops were busted and released while an innocent black man went to the parish jail with a swollen right eye and other injuries. Charged were Officers Lance Shilling, Robert Evangelist and S M Smith. They plead not guilty and were released. Clearly the storm is over and NOPD is back to it’s old self. This innocent man made the big mistake of asking a NOPD goon for information when having returned to the city to check on his property, and was falsely arrested on made of charges of drunkenness (he was sober), resisting arrest, public intimidation and assaulting a cop. The NOPD is under federal investigation for civil rights violations as a result of this latest abuse by racist goons out of control.


NOPD has a decades old reputation of racism, beatings, murders, false arrest and intimidation, having been rated one of the ten worst by the Justice Department. During the recent Hurricane Katrina, a 73 year old black woman was falsely arrested by NOPD when she went to get food from the cooler in her car, after checking into a hotel and paying the bill by credit card. She spent 16 days in jail with a stiff $50,000 bond even though eye witnesses told police they had the wrong person. The police were unable to catch the real looters as they ran too fast and snared this innocent church deaconess in the parking lot. New Orleans justice ignored FEMA and other lawyers until the Associated Press ran the story. Suddenly she was out a day later, to stand trial in October. Police are standing by their story, and it looks like it is only a story not supported by numerous eye witnesses. Charges were dismissed.


As the storm closed in many luxury cars were stolen by New Orleans cops from a dealership. The State of Louisiana is investigating. Watch for the whitewash folks.


Three hundred New Orleans cops abandoned their duties during the storm. They have not been seen or heard from since. While it is possible some of them were killed on duty, most were craven cowards who failed to “Serve and Protect.” The police chief was forced to resign in disgrace after the storm. On top of that some NOPD cops took part in the looting!


This police department has an infamous history that really makes this goon squad the scum of the earth. Stay away from this bunch if you can. When I was in the city recently as a nurse I refused to speak to or look at a single NOPD cop; they got nothing from me. No respect is due any NOPD cop for what they have done. Some of them are trying to cry stress and the effects of the storm on the officers. That is no excuse, have no sympathy for these bad cops. The beating on Bourbon Street was a criminal act and any cop that can’t handle the job needs to be removed for good, as they are a greater hazard than an ordinary criminal. They have a city issued badge and gun which makes the average NOPD cop a dangerous predator. At best many of them deserve to be spit on.  While New Orleans Fire & EMS were doing their jobs saving lives, NOPD betrayed and preyed on the people they are sworn to serve.


The NOPD cops need to go to a good car wash on their way to the boat or whatever hole they call home. Go through it five or six times, without a car. Then go home, get rid of the uniform, quit and go get an honest job. New Orleans needs to fire every cop and start all over with new people.


Watch yourself in the Big Easy, the cops are your greatest danger. They are not be trusted. Many innocent people have been falsely arrested by NOPD, and had money and property stolen in the lock up as well. The only difference between NOPD and the thugs is one gets a uniform and gun issued at taxpayer expense. In May 2006 a NOPD cop was shot and critically wounded during a traffic stop. This might well be an example of the cycle of violence returning full circle on NOPD for it’s past deeds, as people might feel it’s kill or be killed by racist jack booted thugs. It becomes open season on arsh&le$. While both types of violence are unacceptable to me, we need to look at why this is happening and make inmates out of many NOPD officers to even the tainted scales of New Orleans justice. Innocent people rot in jail for years while dirty cops kill. That is not right.





In 2011 & 2012 NYPD conducted undercover surveillance of innocent Muslums reaching into New Jersey. The public uproar is beyond belief. The Governor of New Jersey wants NYPD out of his state! What is the constitution worth in New York City?


In January 2010, two cops were suspended for beating a suspect, all caught on camera through a window.


In March 2009 the city finally settled in the wrongful shooting of a man killed in a hail of bullets in 1995, for $1.15 million, instead of the $20 million sought. Officers James Crowe and Patrick Brosnan fired 28 shots when the victims were face down on the pavement.


In March 2009 former officers Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa were sentenced to life plus for their activity as Maffia Hit Men and leaking inside information to mafia bosses as well paid mob employees. Their activities included false motor vehicle stops were mob targets were killed. During one such stop, bad information lead to the murder of a father not affiliated with any mob families, leaving kids behind. These two rats claimed innocence during their sentencing. They are both in their 60’s and will no doubt die in prison before too many years.


In October 2008 more serious irregularities surface that indicate NYPD falsified records and reports in the sodomy assault by NYPD detectives earlier this year. Officers Noel Jugrai, and Alex Cruz along with four other cops are under investigation.


In October 2008 Lt Michael Pigott stole a gun from another cop and shot himself to death in the station house. He had been demoted for ordering a mentally disturbed naked man on a ledge Tasered. The man fell to his death. He was demoted to motor pool from commander of the Emergency Services Unit, and stated in his suicide note he didn’t want his family shamed by pictures of him in handcuffs and inmate uniform.


In July 2008 Officer Sean Sawyer testified before a grand jury for shooting to death a motorist in a road rage incident with an unarmed motorist he terrorized with his gun and racial insults.


In February 2008 two off duty NYPD cops assaulted and blinded an innocent man in White Plains, with two other NYPD cops attempting to cover the incident up. Officers Michael McGhee and Thomas Wimmer were the primary assailants, with Officers Jeffrey Alicea and Stella Ibanez witnessed the incident on the border with New York City, but released  the two cops uponh finding out they were fellow NYPD. Wimmer recently resigned.


In September 2007 a NYPD Veteran cop charged their oiwn with beating his son with a nightstick 15 times, and used the Taser on his son four times, all over a disorderly conduct charge, as well as using choke holds. Retired Lt Alexander Lombard, a member of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care went with his son to file charges at Internal Affairs. Things are so bad at NYPD that even retired cops are charging their own. That says it all.


In August 2007 Captain Alberto Sanchez was convicted of beating up his live in girlfriend on a Manhattan street. He is facing a year in jail.


In July 2007 Internal Affairs Bureau Sgt Henry Conde was busted by the FBI for tipping off other crooked cops they were under investigation. A resident of Franklin Sqaure, Long Island, he has 13 years on NYPD. He was caught looking at confidential computer filers, after leaving a cookie trail from his computer. He is on suspension.


In July 2007, Officer Darrren Moonan, a six year NYPD veteran, was arrested and jailed for helping a drug ring rob drug dealers. Moonan tipped off drug dealers when they were under investigation, and even used his badge and gun to “seize” drug money under the guise of “police action.” The FBI and BATF nabbed this ring, including seven other men.


In July 2007 two brothers were falsely arrested and beaten by Shea Stadium Security Guards, then falsely arrested by NYPD. They are going to fight the charges in court, and have sued all parties involved.


In late June 2007, NYPD has been charged with harassing a prominent civil rights attorney and his wife. According to the charges NYPD followed the attorney to his car and removed him, then punching him, after falsely issuing citations for interfering with police, resisting arrest and interfering with government process. His wife was cited for disorderly conduct. There is a call for an independent investigation and dismissal of these false charges.


In late May 2007 NYPD arrested 33 youths going to a funeral for wearing T-shirts for a slain teen. The excuse given was these youth were “in the gang,” and they were locked up long enough to finish the funeral and prevent violence. NYPD came at these youth with drawn guns at the subway stop, as they were going to a funeral. Their T-shirts were taken away as evidence. They a were released later with court dates in June. So now you can be arrested for something NYPD thinks you might do? I see lawsuits coming in the future to reign in these domestic terrorists. Why aren’t these NYPD officers in jail for kidnapping?


In May 2006 two NYPD officers were arrested in Rutherford, New Jersey , in connection with burglary and attempting to steal money and drugs from suspected drug dealers. Suspicious residents called police when Officers Hector Alvarez and Miguel Castillo attempted to explain their presence as part of a “terror investigation.” They were put in jail on high bonds.


In April 2007 NYPD held an innocent man nine days on the wrong name even though he doesn’t look like the real Luis Martinez. The date of birth was different and the fingerprints failed to match, but the judge remanded him to jail on the request of the DA and NYPD. False imprisonment legal action is already in the pipeline. The system continues to fail more innocent people who are used as “judicial playthings” in the meat grinder to justify jobs for corrections workers and cops. The real Martinez is wanted for a robbery, the innocent man had never been arrested. More shame on NYPD and the courts, when will they ever learn?


In March 2007 charges of rape against an eight year old girl were dropped and another innocent man released. NYPD investigators failed to identify several inconsistencies in the girls story. Francis Evelyn, 58, was ordered released over the objections of NYPD. Do you see a pattern here of NYPD defending it’s arrests, even if they are wrong? NYPD is looking at other suspects. Will they make another false arrest? The innocent man sobbed as he left the courthouse stating NYPD had put him “through hell.” The NYPD obviously views citizens as “judicial playthings” to be put through the “judicial meat grinder” at their pleasure, and lacks sensitivity at what an arrest will do to an innocent person.


In March 2007 the facts of a racist false arrest by  NYPD came to light, when Cameron Cruz won $500,000 for a racist false arrest by NYPD for shoplifting. The field officers failed to properly investigate and took this innocent women down for booking, being handcuffed in a cubicle and taken to the toilet in cuffs. Charges were promptly dismissed over the objections of NYPD. The jury forced the department store to pay up. Modell’s Sporting Goods Store In Riverhead staff singled out the woman because of her race, ignoring white customers. The federal jury ruled against NYPD and the store.


In April 2008 we received word that three NYPD cops have been cleared over the murder/shooting in the Bronx at the nightclub. Officers Michael Oliver, Gescard Isnora and Marc Cooper have been indicted per sources closely linked to Al Shapton. Maybe now the NYPD will stop the senseless violence that has claimed innocent lives. They appeared in court in early April 2007, being given special side door access to the court to avoid the family of the man they murdered, and the press. In September 2007 the judge ruled these predators must face charges.


In February 2007 another innocent man of color was released after 15 years in New York prison. Jose Garcia was framed by NYPD in 1991 in an execution style killing even though he was in The Dominican Republic the day the murder was carried out. He now faces a deportation order even though his wife and children are American citizens. New York was ordered to release the man over the objections of NYPD, the DA and Immigration. An immigration appeal is pending.


In December 2006 another innocent man was released from prison for a murder he did not commit, framed by NYPD. Joshua Rivera was forced to sign away his right to sue and plead guilty to manslaughter as a condition of release. Judicial arrogance is alive and well in NYC as another innocent man gets tagged guilty and his life ruined by overzealous cops.


In December 2006, just after the the “Thanksgiving Day Masacre,” cops in the Bronx shot dead a man who was struggling with them, after he tried to run away. According to witnesses the man had surrendered, and his last words were, “I’ll give you the gun.” The cops are reported to have stood over the man and shot him point blank four times, instantly killing him. It’s the same old NYPD mentality.


Just after Thanksgiving Day 2006 NYC Police shot three black men outside a NYC strip club, killing one. The dead man, Sean Bell was to be married the next day. Witnesses say the men were not rowdy. No weapons or drugs turned up on the wounded or dead men either. There was an unfounded allegation of a “gun” by the cops, most likely an attempt to cover up their acts of murder. It appears the shooting was lead by Detective Mike Oliver, who even took time to reload. A report in December showed one of the bullets hit a window in a train station, almost killing still yet another innocent man. The ballistics report showed the four deadly bullets came from this assailant who shot 31 times. One of the victims, Joesph Guzman was held in handcuffs in a hospital bed while struggling to breathe with oxygen, bandaged from to head to toe from the bullet wounds these state sponsered terrorists inflicted. This is false arrest on top of attempted murder. The mayor is stating the use of force was “unacceptable,” and only the District Attorney will question the five cops who are on administrative leave. It is policy to forbid officers shooting at a vehicle even when being used as a weapon. The officers involved have all received training in “Contagious Shooting” and should have known better. Two of the seven cops did and never drew their weapons to fire, not all NYPD cops are apes.  The rest of the officers, five in total followed the “monkey see, monkey do” mentality. These trigger happy apes are facing manslaughter charges and civil suits. The cops claim to have picked the photograph of a “4th suspect” that they say carried away a gun, still yet another lie, as verified by days of investigation. As of 1 December 2006 the cops located the “mystery witness” who was briefly detained and released as he was unarmed and not in the car with the three victims of the NYPD Wyatt Earp Special. The fourth witness story has not panned out and appears to be still yet another desperate attempt by NYPD to justify this murder as NYPD raids houses and brings in witnesses to get anything they can cook up, NYPD has been rounding up many innocent people of color to try and pin something on anyone they can corner, without success. Meanwhile racial tensions run high increasing the chances of another violent incident or revenge. This cycle must be broken. It is time for an outside overhaul of NYPD.


IN March 2007 Detective Paul Headley started his testimony before a Queens Grand Jury for his role in the strip club murder of Mr. Bell.


Only days later NYPD shot another man, Richard Davenport, charging him with attempted murder for shooting at the cops, yet no gun was found.  This shooting was at Pink Houses. The witnesses said they only saw him run, but no gun. Is this still yet another frame up?


In March 2005 another one of NYPD’s officers, Brian Conroy stood trial for shooting to death an unarmed innocent artist while working in his studio. NYPD cooked up an incredible story to back up their own, and it was good enough to lock up a jury. A $150,000,000 lawsuit is pending against NYPD for the murder of this innocent black man. The spirit of the murder from the killing of another unarmed innocent black man in the Bronx several years ago is alive and well in New York. There are so many cases of criminal conduct by NYPD it fill a huge website of it’s own! These guys are racist killers.


In January 2004 Officer Richard Neri shot and killed a teenager, Timothy Stansbury Jr. Stansbury was unarmed, and was shot while cutting across a rooftop as a shortcut. The matter has gone before a grand jury, with the Police Commissioner calling the shooting “unjustified.”


The  murder by four "elite" NYC officers of an innocent, unarmed, citizen is just the tip of the iceberg. These cops cut the man down like a dog, firing 41 shots, hitting the man 19 times. This caused a real political mess for the former Mayor Guilliani, as his aspirations to federal office were lost! The crooked cops beat the rap and got away with murder. This murder has caused an international diplomatic faux pas, exposing the NYC Police for what they are; out of control. The officers were placed on permanent desk duty without a badge or gun after their show trials. One became a NYC firefighter! Then there was the infamous toilet plunger sexual assault by one of New York's best. More recently it has been revealed that NYPD detectives put five innocent black men in prison for rapes DNA proves another man committed; the other man has also confessed. Yet the state was holding the convictions over their heads even though the District Attorney has asked the convictions be overturned. The New York State Supreme Court overturned all five convictions just in time for Christmas, opening up charges of racism and un-professional quality of investigations by NYPD Detectives. Lawsuits have been filed. In another case a man had a toilet bowel plunger stick inserted into his rectal canal, causing perforation.




Newburyport Sheriff’s Court and Jail Deputy Security Guard raped a female twice in one day, and was caught on camera. Former Deputy Guard Douglas Morill is in jail for this November 7th incident at the jail. Questions emerge as to how many other victims he had, and how many other cases in the state court and county jail system there have been. We refer you to our other listing on the Hampden County guard who beat up a falsely arrested woman in Springfield sometime back




Derrick Morris was walking down the street in January 2008, listening to his Ipod when he didn’t hear police orders to stop. Cops mistook him for a person wanted for armed rape. The cops immediately used their Taser on the man, and allowed the police dog to bite him the rear end and then falsely arrested him on all sorts of made up charges. Shortly afterwards they caught the real rapist, but this innocent man is facing a list of felony charges, while the cops issued an “apology.” No doubt they will be forced to withdraw their “charges” too and will pay damages for this criminal assault and kidnapping by predator cops. Lets hope a lawsuit is launched to get some measure of justice. 




The case of four sailors convicted on the basis of what FBI agents described as “coerced Confessions” has again reared it’s ugly head. Another man was the only one with physical evidence linking him to the crime, but the others are still rotting in prison. The FBI agents have asked the governor to pardon the men. One has since been released, trying to clear his name. The matter sits on the Virginia Governor’s desk, collecting dust.


NOBLE, OK Police


In August 2007 a cop “shooting at a snake” shot and killed a five year old boy sitting with his grandfather on a dock, while fishing. Police and Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation refuse to identify the killer cop, while an “investigation” continues. If a civilian had done this, an arrest would have been made, but not an “Okee cop.” Are the trucks already bringing a delivery of whitewash?




In 2011 & 2012 it emerged that the SBI lab manager was guilty of mis-managent, throwing the results involving at least 200 cases where inmates are serving time, most likely as innocents. About twenty people have already been freed. The defense lawyers are having a field day while the DA’s are nervous.


In May 2010 the story broke about SBI staff changing reports to suit prosecutors, after a man spent 16 years in prison and then was found to be innocent. Several hundred cases are to be reviewed, with the credibility of the agency destroyed. In 2011 the lab director was fired and over 200 cases are being reviewed for falsified and inaccurate evidence. Already 20 people have been released from prison as defense lawyers have a field day. It has emerged that SBI staff changed many reports to suit the wishes of prosecutors. Many innocent people had their lives ruined by these crooked state cops. Many prosecutors are now having outside labs run independent reviews as a result.




In February 2008 Sheriff Walker was forced to release the second black man falsely convicted and false arrested by former Deputy Sheriff Earnest Eichelberger after an “investigation” that ruled out a white man now identified by DNA as the real rapist-killer of two girls in this rural county. An unqualified dentist, Dr. Michael West gave “evidence” on bite marks now patently obvious as a fraud to shore up a series of trumped up charges. The former deputy still defends his work, but also stated “there had not been enough money to conduct a thorough investigation.” A review of the bite marks shows they were caused by animals. The two men were freed, one on bond in February 2008, over the objections of District Attorney Forest Allgood, after several years in prison delaying the release, stating a retrial was to be held. Another DA has taken over and things are moving along.


This county sheriff has a reputation for many beatings, racism, false arrests and being a good ole boy. This county still has some KK activity as well.


OCEAN BEACH POLICE/Fire Island, Suffolk County in New York State


This case is so brutal and best told on the victims own web site. Be careful when taking a vacation in this locale!


AS OF march 2007 four cops had to turn themselves in to be arrested relating to charges of police brutality. Associating with drug dealers and being drunk on duty. They were turned in by other cops. Settlements in a beating have been paid out by the village. 



OAKLAND, California Police


In May 2009 the FBI was investigating the police beating by Officer Ed Polsen in 2000. Police covered it up, with the man dying one month later. But now it has caught up with the cop in 2009. It looks like the DA was involved as well and a huge civil suit is in the works as well. Not much is reported to have changed here.


In October 2008 federal lawsuits were filed for false statements by police to obtain search warrants. Many cases had to be dropped by Alameda County prosecutors because of the lies. Class action lawsuits are pending against the cops as many cases must now be reviewed to see how many innocent people were arrested and went to prison. Officer Karla Rush was identified as a defendant along with the city in the lawsuits.


The city is going to pay $2 million to victims of police abuse, settling a federal lawsuit filed by 16 Asian women pulled over for no reason, falsely arresterd and kidnapped, then sexually assaulted. Officer Richard  Valerga targeted immigrants and was sentenced to six months in jail.


This department was notorious in civil rights crimes against blacks in the 1960’s, causing the rise of The Black Panther movement.




Two officers were also taped using excessive force with batons, pepper spray to beat a black suspect into submission, while the subject was lying on the ground. The two officers are facing a disciplinary investigation in the incident. We have heard reports of racial profiling, beatings, false arrest and planting drugs by officers of this department.




Crime Lab Commander David Kofoed has been charged by state and federal authorities in fabricating evidence that put two innocent men in jail. Other cases handled by this man are now to be examined. It could have nationwide consequences in the use of forensic evidence and shake the confidence in the system even further.


ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF, California Americas Sheriff


The darling of TV is on trial in October 2008 for soliciting and accepting bribes, including creating a Sherris Reserve Unit to sell badges for contributions. It is charged he sold all kinds of favors including dropping rape charges for friends, selling out the department to the highest bidder. Former Sheriff Michael Corona is facing prison time. It is charged he even took bribes before he was sworn into office!




On top of the usual racist false arrests and beatings these thugs carry out with the approval of Jeb Bush and his cronies, we heard a very sickening story from a Red Cross Disaster Worker recently. During the hurricanes in 2004, a shelter was set up for 150 special needs elderly patients at a local county facility. These 150 people had lacked proper hygiene and food for several days. The nurses who set up went about the tough business of giving 150 people showers. The Orlando County Sheriffs told the Red Cross nurses there were only two showers in the facility. These nurses struggled to make two showers work for their patients. During the process it was discovered there were two additional showers downstairs, but these were not available they were reserved for use by Orlando County Sheriffs Deputies! A protest was made and the showers had to be opened. But the deputies called the County Commissioner in, and suddenly disaster volunteers were told their official vehicles were illegally parked. It took federal intervention to make Rosco and Deputy Dauwg back down on this. To serve and protect? You go figure.




In 2010 a man flipped off a cop, and was given another ticket for disorderly conduct. The result was the ACLU got the ticket thrown out, and damages paid for civil rights violations. The cops have to be trained to deal with real life as a part of the settlement.




Sheriff Daniel Presgraves was charged by the feds in October 2008 with 22 counts including taking bribes from the operators of a cockfight, sexual assault, coercing witnesses and harassing four female employees of his department. The federal judge has ordered him not to act as Sheriff while the case is underway. He is also accused of using inmate labor on his person property and taking bribes from local business operators.


Passiac Police, New Jersey


In a video that has made national rounds, Officer Joesph R Rios III was caught beating down an innocent man seen standing at a street corner, minding his own business. The beating was followed by a false arrest on cooked up felony charges. The cop is still on duty, and his partner, Officer Erica Rivera did nothing to stop this crime by a cop. The Passiac County District Attorney is looking into the matter as of June 2009.


PEMBERTON NJ Police & Burlington County District Attorney


Larry Peterson spent seventeen years in prison for rape a murder DNA proves he did not do. Yet he had to wait for his mother to post bail of $20,000 after the conviction was overturned. Mr. Peterson is being forced to prove his innocence after the conviction was overturned, before he can get compensation for being in prison. He walked out of the county jail in August 2005, yet he was not really able to get his life back on track, because the DA overzealously attempted to retry the case. It has emerged that Pemberton Police detectives pressured a friend into false testimony about a “confession” made by Mr. Peterson, all a big lie. In May 2006 the DA finally ran up the white flag and stated they would not retry the case. The family still wants Mr. Peterson “dead,” not accepting DNA evidence.


The Burlington County DA refuses to be interviewed or comment on the case. They claimed “there was not enough evidence.”

Mr. Peterson has yet to be able to get a decent job, and is bitter angry, getting ready to “go to war on the State of New Jersey.” Attorney Buckman is suing to have Mr. Peterson’s record expunged, and damages in federal court. The State of New Jersey is going overboard to fight any claims for damages. The New Jersey Attorney General rejected his claim. It will take several years to get any money for this grave injustice.




In September 2009 a man caught a suspect breaking into his home, holding the suspect at gun point for police. Police were plainly told these facts, but Officer Brian Lilly shot the homeowner six times, not even giving anyone a chance to sort things out. The cops then dragged him out by the wounded leg and cuffed him, un-arresting him quickly at the hospital after he was shacked to the bed like an animal. A $6Million lawsuit is pending, and they cleared the cop! The wife was protecting her two young kids and warned three cops, but they just opened up without just cause, calling it an “accident.” We hope his cop gets fired and the city has to pay up big time. These cops are worse than the thugs.




Officers Andrew Smith and Gerald Suelter were arrested for beating a man after pepper spraying and hit with a stun gun. It was all caught on VDR and reviewed. A lot of the action takes place just off camera too, not so smart these cops.


Philadelphia Police Department, and Philadelphia Sheriff, Pennsylvania


In 2012 an innocent man was released after spending many years in jail for killing a Philly cop. They kept him in jail for two years after he was aquitted. A federal judge ordered him immediately released and criticized the state with scathing words.


In November 2010, the third in command, Daniel Castro, was busted by the FBI for ripping of street dealers. This makes 15 cops busted out in over one year. Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey warned every cop it was going to continue to get worse, and warning in the eyes of the public the department has lost it’s “legitimacy.” More investigations remain open. Officer Malaika T Mebane was sentenced to four years in prison for sexual assault on a female in custody. He stated he has “finally found God.” Former Officers Robert Snyder, James Venziale and Mark Williams will have all their cases reviewed to find innocents. Adrian Makich admitted looking for sex from teenage boys and is also in jail.


As of March 2010 the cops and DA are holding a man in jail after both convictions were overturned. The man has spent 30 years in jail, the the order to release this innocent man is just being ignored. Imstead they took five years holding the man without charges, to announce finally they will retry the man. Judicial arrogance is alive and well in Philly.


In December 2009 two police truant officers beat a student trying to walk into school late, after he overslept. Also, another man was falsely arrested aftert being attacked by a cops kid. His guns were illegally taken on the false complaint by the child of Officer Cujdik. Detective Patricia Eberhart made a false arrest knowing her close ties to the Cujdik family were a conflict of interest. But young Cudjuk is alleged to have tried to burn down the innocent man’s house, yet nothing was done.


In Novemer 2009 an off duty cop shot and killed an unarmed teenager. Sgt Frank Tepper was placed on desk duty as many of his neighbors accuse him of abusing his authority and showing off his gun for years. He was indicted and jailed finally. This cop has been investigated by Internal Affairs numerous times, but this time it might go to a grand jury. The cop has been accused of being drunk during the incident, which involved a simple teenage fight. Meanwhile two more narcotics cops were taken off the street as the federal corruption investigation continues. Officer Robert McDonnell and Thomas Deabler are the latest to be suspended.


In July 2009 Officer Alberto Lopez Sr  was exposed in a newspaper article for false arrest and assault after his son was involved in a minor motor vehicle accidengt. His son cammde and got Lopez, who the assaulted the other party, a Spanish female at gun point, throwing her to the ground and making up a tale about the weomen freaking out. The cops that responded attempted to get the video record destroyed, but that footage went to the lawyers and internal affairs after the woman sp;ent the night in jail falsely charged with assaulting this cop. Internal Affairs put the cop on desk duty and took his gun, with the case dismissed a few days later as this cop failed to show up. This cop also used racial slurs on the woman. The degree of corruption within this police department is evident because they gave the cop back his gun and returned him to street duty, only to be forced by the news coverage to pull him off the streets again. The brass say “discipline is coming soon.” Would you buy a used car from these guys? I read the online comments from many other cops around the country who are amazed this cop was given his gun back, are asking why he is not in jail, and even said this is one case where they hope the woman sues the city for “all she can get.” These other cops even stated the guy should not be a cop because he lacks integrity. It almost scares me to have cops agreeing with me in such large measure; one called him an “idiot,” and lamented how this bad cop will make it even harder for “us to do our jobs.”


In July 2009 four men falsely arrested by cops have filed complaints after having been beaten and arrested trying to stay away from a disturbance on the south side.


In July 2009 three men falsely arrested and framed by Philadelphia police were found not guilty by a jury. The jury chose not to believe Narcotics Officer Carlos Buitrago, as the gun had ho fingerprints or DNA. The cops set three guys up to cover up their own racism and beating of three innocent people.


In June 2009 a couple has brough suit for planting false drug evidence, against Officers Robert McDonnnerl and Jeffrey Cujdik. This is a growing part of the backlash from the crooked drug squad actions with a federal investigation underway. One of the people involved is in prison on these false charges.


In April 2009 five cops were fired including William Thrasher, Donald Swan and Anthony Ferriola for the use of racial insults on the job. Officers JohnSararowicz and Sgt Paul Seeger were fired for other criminal activity.


In April 2009 federal investigators began probing 53 cases tainted by planted evidence by Officer Jeffrey Cujdik and 12 other undercover officers. The Public Defender has filed challenges to 53 cases which involve many jail sentences. At least 100 cases are believed to be tainted cases as well.In May 2009 the first case of many to come, was dismissed due to corruption. The judger has ordered consideration for bail on 11 people in prison due these crooked cops, while cases are reviewed. Noe 44 more cases are coming under review as well. Officer Thomas J Tolstoy was reassigned from Internal Affairs while a fourth cop was pulled from narcotics duties.


In April 2009 more store owners are coming forward charging police looting of merchandise from their stores, and disabling security cameras. A Temple University student riding with the cops wrote a paper that publicized the cops racist remarks. Officer William Thraser is on desk duty while Internal Affairs looks into the matter. Black Philly cops are calling for the cop to be fired.


March 2009 was not a very good month for the cop shop as Officer Alhinde Weems was arrested on charges of drug dealing, and robbing drug dealers. He is in jail. Officer Malik Snell was found guilty in June 2009 for using his gun and badge robbed drug dealers and citizens, as well as a home invasion in Pottstown. Both of these cops were busted with federal help. He faces 20 years in the jug for his crimes.


In March 2009 shopkeepers have filed claims about Officer Jeffrey Cujdik and his narcotic squad for stealing cash and property during questionable raids on their shops. The cops even smash surveillance cameras, being careful to hide their heads from view. Many shopkeepers tell the same story of cops eating food and slurping drinks as well as stealing cell phones. The cops were targeting vulnerable immigrants from The Dominican Republic, who are afraid of the police.


In July 2008 Kenneth Tuck was acquitted for the second time for murder, kidnapping and rape after being falsely arrested by Philadelphia Police in a case tainted with racism and inept cops. The man spent two years in prison for some one else’s crime.


In late May 2008 Officers Sheldon Fitzgerald and Howard Hill III were suspended after being charged with beating a man suspected of spraying graffiti with a paint can. The cops are charged with beating the man after they found no criminal record and then released the man. Since two friends of the victim of this police crime witnessed part of the beating, charges are being brought following his release from the hospital. The cop shop says they will fire these rogue cops.


In May 2008 13 cops pulled three innocent black men from a car, mistaking them for a cop killer. The men were beaten into raw hamburger as the news helicopter above filmed the whole thing. The 13 cops have been suspended as the FBI starts an investigation into a beating that makes Rodney King look like small time. Al Sharpton has promised to deal with the Philadelphia Police Department as well. Criminal charges are being looked at for the cops involved in the aftermath of a cop being murdered the Sunday before.


On New Years Eve 2007 wounded four people when Officers George Marko and Joseph M Kelly were told by a neighbor, “Don’t shoot there are kids in there!” The cops told her “Shut the f&*k up!!”The cops state a man pointed a gun at them while on patrol, then fled. In violation of the departments force policy, the shots were fired at the house. One of the wounded men took the bullet shielding his niece. Incoming Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey has promised a thorough investigation. Witnesses state the police gave no warning before shooting. The occupants of the house called the police for help, only to find out it was the cops shooting at them. One man was shot in the face, and later died. This man was a custodian at another hospital; they swept his teeth off the floor. The two cops are now under investigation by homicide detectives, but don’t expect much as the boys will take care of their own. I am sure another truckload of whitewash was delivered in the dark of night well before the man they murdered had his funeral; cockroaches do their best work in the dark.


In September 2007 the pride of “Philly’s Finest” was bruised when state troopers joined them on patrol to try to stop the escalating gun violence and murders that is clearly out of control. They should welcome a little outside help, much like a fire department has mutual aid.


In July 2007 The Philadelphia Inquirer ran a front page story about the total damages the city has paid for bad police work. A 10 year old school girl is arrested for a pair of scissors in her back pack, and taken to jail. No charges were filed and that cost $50,000. A suspected drug dealer loses his eye when punched in the face, that cost $900,000. A man spends 21 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit, that cost $1.7 million. In fiscal year 2007 the city paid $8 million, the highest in five years. In the past five years the city paid $32 million, and more suits are pouring in. In 2007 $4.5 million was paid to settle

civil rights cases such as false arrest. Experts say the key to reducing this liability is training, supervision and discipline. The problem is the city police administration just can’t do anything with this bunch. The former police commissioner had improved things, but standards and enforcement have lost ground said R Paul McCauley, professor at University of Pennsylvania and a former cop. Another expert states the importance of making good arrests, and getting the facts straight first, even if it means fewer arrests. Walter Signorelli, author of The Crisis of Police Liability Lawsuits, further states the more a department settles, the more people will sue. The problem seems to be the culture of brutality, racism and corruption that won’t go away in Philadelphia, much like too many other departments. It would appear too many cops are stupid. A stupid person refuses to learn from their mistakes, or listen. It’s time for a reign of terror on the cops, making inmates of more than a few. Fire a bunch of cops that don’t quite get a prison sentence. That is the only message these thugs will heed.


In March 2007 Officer Thomas Gitto was charged with the sexual assaults on a 14 year old girl. Gitto, a 13 year veteran of the force, assigned to field narcotics duty, knew the girl through family contacts. He is suspended without pay, and will likely be fired.


The Philadelphia Inquirer carried a sickening story on 13 March 2007 about how bad this department has become. In 2003 Officer Norberto Cappas falsely arrested two women, searching them twice, then forcing them to put on a sex show in a jail cell as a condition of release. One of the women found $20 missing from her wallet two. Finally in 2007 some attention is being paid to the incident that occurred in the 26th District Station. The department refuses to reveal what disciplinary action was taken, according to Capt. Benjamin Naish, although the DA states there is not enough evidence for criminal charges. The city has settled the lawsuit in the case. The worst possible penalty is Cappas will be fired. The women were picked up in a drug sweep, but nothing illegal was found. The women should have been released but were instead taken to jail under false arrest and sexually assaulted. Another prisoner in the block confirmed the assault took place. During the investigation several officers seemed to suffer from a mysterious “memory loss.” Sgt. Oscar Martinez failed to order the women released, and Sgt Martinez was cited as well as Officer Todd Oandasan. No charges were ever brought against the women and they were released once they perform indecent sexual acts. Other officers questioned by Internal Affairs for their lax attitudes and allowing violations of civil rights were Sgt. Shawn Gushe, Annamae Law, Joeseph Goodwin, Denise Andujar, Geneva O’Neal, Deanthois Edwards, John Livingston and Edward Markowski. Cappas was charged with making false statements, thus making his credibility zero on any future cases. Doreen Napper, the jail security guard matron was also cited for making false statements. Police experts state the case should never have dragged on three years, as it was an injustice to all concerned. In the meantime a dangerous predator has been loose on the streets with a badge and gun.


In January 2007 the cops gunned down another innocent unarmed man who was scared after he stumbled unto a crime scene and ran. All of this in just the first few days of a new year. Philadelphia cops killed twenty people in 2006, up sharply from previous years. The cop has not been identified. A civil rights lawsuit is being filed by the family. The dead man was on his way to pick up his 13 year old nephew when gunned down. A review of the leadership and resulting culture has been recommended as many of the shootings involved unarmed innocent citizens. Philadelphia Police shot and killed twenty people in 2006, well above national average for it’s size.These cops are clearly trigger happy apes so stay away if you can.


In January 2007, $180,000 was paid to a Bryn Mawr student falsely arrested at Philadelphia Airport when a police drug test falsely indicated she was carrying drugs. She was released three weeks later once a credible lab test told the truth. Philadelphia Police now have agreed they were wrong and will review what went wrong to try to prevent this from happening again. This woman is psychologically traumatized from the mistreatment rendered by Philadelphia Police and Philadelphia Sheriffs Jail Security Guards, working to recover. She is lucky not have spent five to ten years in prison like happened to others, see Ermi Bostik  case below. As someone who handles blood samples and performs lab tests in the hospital I would question if these cops did any Quality Assurance [QA] on their kits, and re-tested on the spot which is a standard medical procedure. The subject of any test also has the standard right to demand immediate retest in another lab, as well as a new kit being used to test again. Do these cops know anything about Standard Deviation 1, 2 & 3 in QA? I doubt it If you are going to use a tool know it well and do it right. It should not have taken one hour before this mistake was found and any arrest avoided. Let the cops involved spend three weeks in jail to see how they like it, then fire them. This is more of the “dragnet” mentality the late Frank Rizzo championed. Intelligence is not highly valued here. A strong back and weak groupthink mindset is.


In August 2006 The Philadelphia Inquirer revealed a case of two cop rapists, inmates James Fallon and Timothy Carre. The investigation revealed a long standing history that city officials ignored complaints and failed to take action. Expensive lawsuits are in the works. These cops preyed on drunk women, women with drug habits, strippers and prostitutes.

Philadelphia shot an unarmed man to death in April 2006. Raymond Pelzer was shot and an investigation is underway. Five officers involved in this shooting have not been identified. The police commissioner has promised there will be no cover up. Do you really believe that one?


Lets not forget the Erma Bostick case where a well known corrupt racist officer forced this woman to spend four years in prison for something she never did? How about the 2000 cases overturned because of a handful of corrupt racist officers in Philadelphia's north end, who committed false arrest, planting "evidence" and more. One person ended up on death row, framed by Philadelphia Police. Then there are the more recent scandals now emerging, well documented as well in the Philadelphia Inquirer. This may well be the worst police department in the USA, from what I read. A large number of personal friends have told me their stories about being arrested wrongfully and taken to the "roundhouse." Then the charges were dismissed. These friends are responsible professional people. The news continues to get worse as the city seems unable to clean up its rogue cops. A helicopter TV Camera caught the officers beating a suspect who had already been shoot four times. These people are clearly out of control and at least as dangerous as any street thug. Watch yourself in Philadelphia folks as the ghost of Frank Rizzo, infamous racist street cop and mayor, still stalks the streets. This week a report was issued that indicated 33% of police stops in non-minority areas were a violation of the Fourth Amendment. Old habits die hard, and this department has not lived up to the consent decree with The Justice Department